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Stopping the tax in Ontario

The Ontario College of Trades under fire

July 25, 2012
By Robert Koci

A new website is being promoted as an opportunity for trades in the construction industry to lobby against the new tax being imposed by the Ontario government.

The Ontario Construction Employers Coalition has just launched a website, that will be home to the campaign. It encourages people to write their MPP to scrap this costly bureaucracy.

The Coalition represents more than 85,000 trades people and employers who want the tax scrapped and the Ontario College of Trades shut down.


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4 Comments » for Stopping the tax in Ontario
  1. This tax is absolutely another burden on contractors, employes and customers.In a fragile economy it is rediculoius to even consider.

    • Robert Koci says:

      My biggest problem with this is that we still don’t know what value the college intends to bring to the industry. Hopefully, we will learn more. Our editor Steve Payne is interviewing Ron Johnston, chairman of the College, on Thursday, Aug. 9. We’ll post Steve’s report of the conversation online soon.

  2. Another tax burden and money grab. We do not need more paperwork and registration fees. We need productivity

  3. A typical liberal program aimed at helping their contributing friends that will ensure continued support. It will be added to the E-Health, Orange, Wind Turbine, Samsung and Hydro lists of scandals. Our present training program offered to the colleges has been successful over the years. The registration fees have been reasonable and the productivity of the work force in the trade industry is most efficient as compared to other provinces and countries. If the wheel is not broken, why fix it?? (from our fearless leader McQuinty on the LCBO affair)

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