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The Company Scale survey: How much revenue can each of your employees generate?

Canadian Contractor

"Can my site super really handle $1 million in production per year?"

If you spend enough time hanging around contractors, you discover they all have their own ideas of how many employees are needed to generate a certain top-line revenue. Some will say they can generate gross revenues of $1 million for each sales rep they employ. Some say you should be able to generate $1.5 million for each sales rep and those guys must be slacking off!

How much volume can a site super handle in a year? We’ve heard renovators claim their site supers can push at least $1/2 million per year through the company pipeline. As for their carpenters, they consider they must hire one for every $300,000 of work.

It all depends on how the companies are structured and what kind work they do, but still, wouldn’t it be interesting if there were good, solid general numbers to use as a guideline?

We think so, so we created the following survey that you can fill out to help generate those numbers. Go here and start the survey now. Give us a month, and we will publish the numbers you give us and maybe we’ll get a better idea of what your team should look like as you grow.


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