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The Hammer Episode #10: Building Back Better – Jim Mandeville, FirstOnSite

January 29, 2021
By Canadian Contractor

From wildfires to floods to ice storms, our country is no stranger to disasters that do significant property damage. And climate change appears to be driving more of them every year. Jim Mandeville and FirstOnSite are, as the name suggests, some of the first people on site when disaster hits and they do important work coordinating the efforts to mitigate damage and rebuild afterwards. As such, Jim has had the chance to work with local home renovation contractors across the country who form a critical part of these rebuilding efforts. He’s seen a lot of wild stuff, and he knows a lot about the special challenges of reconstructing people’s homes and businesses after some awful event has taken them away. In this episode of The Hammer, we talk about what the contractor needs to know in order to be ready to assist in disaster remediation efforts.

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