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The Hammer Episode #33: Managing Expectations – Steve Ryan, MMI Professional Services

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Canadian Contractor author of the Ryan Report, Steve Ryan, joins The Hammer to share his thoughts on inflation, interest rates, housing prices and labour…all the big economic topics challenging us all. Why are expectations worse than inflation itself? Why do the prices of houses go down as the prices of everything else rise? Will workers be asking for more in the months ahead? Is there a recession on the horizon? Ryan delves into all that and more from his perspective as a long-time business consultant to Canadian construction company owners.


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  1. Darcy says:

    There’s a need for full training grounds! I’m from Alberta and have been working in the interior residential construction business since 1996, and can tell you that you can’t just expect to have labor without proper training classroom and hands on training before starting on site! You need people that have the start to finish experience of the industry to provide a good understanding of the process from start to finish, also a break up between exterior to interior construction, so for example from insulation to paint! That will diversify the labor force, right now that’s not happening! I understood that once I realized I was out of work just doing one trade only! If I had the opportunity and funding I would definitely train everyday the people willing! Saying that there needs to be a guarantee of quality and safety, expectations on both sides, customer payment and company performance, getting the right people to follow up with these areas to ensure all around success. More I can say but hopefully this will start a discussion about how difficult it is for the beginners getting into the industry and the “trust” from customers is a huge issue.

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