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“The HVAC business in Ontario and Canada is being take over by BIG companies”

"The big firms have lots of office staff to deal with all the red tape and bureaucracy, which is why they charge $78 a month for 20 years for a furnace that only costs $1,200 at the wholesaler."

December 5, 2014
By Steve Payne

Here’s a comment from HVAC contractor Mark Mitchell about another closure of a firm being blamed on “bullying by government agencies.”

“Another HVAC contractor, 20 years in business in Simcoe County (Barrie area) has closed his doors, citing excessive red tape, regulation, and bullying by government agencies as the reason. It is a sad reality for people that heat their homes with oil, that decent tradesmen are being forced out of the business, and their options for service are minimized. If there is no competition for the big guys, will pricing for home heating services go up or down?

“That’s not a hard one to figure out. People that live in rural areas are the ones paying the price, The home heating and water heating business in Ontario and Canada are being taken over by BIG companies, that don’t really care about furnaces or water heaters, just the financing they can profit from when they make a sale or have a rental contract signed. These companies have lots of office staff to deal with all the red tape and bureaucracy, which is why they charge $78/month for 20 years for a new furnace that only costs $1,200 at the wholesaler. Our lack of persistent opposition to the regulators that our driving our colleagues out of business is now catching up to those of us in the HVAC industry. How can other trades prevent this from happening to them?”


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6 Comments » for “The HVAC business in Ontario and Canada is being take over by BIG companies”
  1. You think we small business owners are in trouble now.
    Just wait as Ontario premier with no business or real work experience opens up not only all our wallets to pay for a her new pension scam and is snuggling up to Quebec’s premier who is scouting for jobs and services for his workers

  2. Ripley says:

    WSIB, OCOT, anything and everything they are throwing at us to make us join the big unions. Shut down last year, making more doing cash, they made me do it.

  3. mike says:

    I agree with this insightful article,T.S.S.A. is the death blow to small HVAC businesses in the province of Ontario.Does anyone remember Consumer and Commercial Relations?When you paid a yearly contractor’s fee of $180.00 and the only time you seen a government inspector is when there was a actual accident.Now you see them far to often with their hand out and most of the audits are from other heating contractors’ calling in and making up stories about the other contractor because the first contractor didn’t get the job.The audit costs are crazy $1200.00 plus hst and up how does the government expect a small mom and pop heating company to survive?I guess they don’t,makes you wonder how many of them are in someone’s pocket.The T.S.S.A. is a joke,does anyone remember the Sunshine propane co. explosion in 2010?The co. had just had a site visit by T.S.S.A.two days before that,someone should do an outside investigation into the T.S.S.A. practices.I guess the government likes paying for a job not done,T.S.S.A. is a prime example of that.

  4. Jean says:

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  5. John says:

    I strongly agree.
    I believe smaller businesses in the HVAC industry should focus more on catering to customers through high-quality HVAC services to build a solid satisfied customer base.

  6. Morgan says:

    Well, businesses have certainly taken a hard hit due to Covid, I really hope they were able to withstand these hard times as many have been shut down.

    On a more positive note, the government can now perhaps realize the urgency of supporting small businesses in all different industries.

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