Canadian Contractor

Steve Payne   

"The idea of a company paying for its existence on the site (HomeStars) speaks volumes…"

Canadian Contractor

"Hundreds of fake HomeStars reviews were made by (my former employer's) office employees and spouses..."

Here’s another comment on the GarCon Building Group, Toronto, going out of business story amidst allegations of fraud, this one from Edward

Saw this story today, feel very bad for these homeowners BUT at same time, why point the finger at a website? HomeStars, like any other site has flaws which you should all know. Yes, they tried to fix them for the most part but it is still flawed. I myself was working for one of the top plumbing companies during HomeStars’ early days. I can assure you that during those early years, hundreds of fake reviews were made by its office employees and spouses (former and existing). Which in turn assured them top spot and I am sure many others (did) e the same during that time. Every review of a company you see on HomeStars should come with a grain of salt. Word of mouth referrals through friends and family and neighbours work best, as everyone has needed a trade one way or another. I have never used HomeStars for my own company and I am busy with a steady income. The idea of a company paying for its existence on the site speaks volumes, especially when you have to compete with the early adopter cheaters with thousands of reviews, who cheated for a good portion of those reviews…




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