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The need for site safety regulations explained in 5 videos

Canadian Contractor

We’re lucky to have rules that protect workers!

The next time you get frustrated with health and safety regulations, complain how they add costs, or how they slow down production, take a look at this selection of five video clips. In some parts of the world, there is little regard for the safety of workers on a job site. These videos are not posted to be amusing — they are posted to remind us that without rules and with little regard for individuals, construction sites can become life-threatening places to work that exploit workers in ways that make us cringe.

Demolition at heights. No shoes, no hard hat, and of course no harness or restraints

Video 1:

One missed swing of the hammer…..Demolition of buildings in some parts of the world means one-on-one interaction between man and building. It’s not only the precarious, unsecured position of this worker !







Excavation work in the pits. Man and machine grapple in tight quarters

Video 2:
Look out below! The only thing protecting these trench workers from being goggled up by a giant excavator is the verbal abuse and warnings from the supervisor!



Video 3:
Who needs an elevator? Aside from the ingenuity of this form worker, one has to be impressed with his knowledge of how much concrete equals his body weight.



Video 4:
A quick and effective way to sling sand up to the second level. Just keep your focus! Hold that sneeze!


Video 5:
Here’s the best argument ever for not paying piece work on a job site. How many hours can a person do this without serious back and neck injury consequences?






In conclusion, when words are not enough, a picture or video will do!


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