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TREX forecasts 2023 outdoor living trends

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March 20, 2023 – According to the real estate website Zillow, a functional outdoor space is the most sought-after amenity among today’s homebuyers. For homeowners looking to make the most of their outdoor spaces this year, Trex Company has released its 2023 outdoor living trends forecast. Based on input from consumers, contractors, retailers, and industry insiders, this annual report projects backyard and outdoor trends for the year ahead.

Light Neutrals

The biophilic influence on home design, both indoors and out, will be evident in everything from material choices to colors. According to a recent online poll from Builder, light, neutral hues are expected to be popular on home exteriors in 2023 due to their ability to create a sense of calm and serenity.

Mixed Materials

Today’s homeowners are embracing eclectic design schemes with lots of visual interest created by juxtaposing materials like concrete and composite, wicker and aluminum, copper and stone – as well as mixing colors and patterns for added personality and visual intrigue. Integrate nature-inspired materials that complement the home’s natural surroundings and infuse creative contrast with pillows, cushions, furnishings, and decorative accents.

Sustainable Selections

Sustainability is no longer a “nice to have” but a meaningful requirement among increasingly eco-conscious consumers. Purchases made with sustainability in mind will remain a priority in 2023 as more and more homeowners purposefully consider how to reduce their own environmental impact.

Stylish Seclusion

Privacy remains a priority with more than a quarter of all Zillow listings now highlighting this as a selling point. This desire for stylish seclusion is driving demand for products like fencing, pergolas, privacy panels, and lattice, which allow contractors and homeowners to enhance the sense of sanctuary with products that are visually appealing, durable and easy to maintain. Incorporating plants and greenery is another clever way to enhance privacy while tapping into the design and well-being benefits of biophilic design. Add color and creativity with hanging baskets, planter boxes, pouches, or a trellis dripping with flowers or ivy.

Mood Lighting

Faced with rising inflation, homeowners will be looking for small home investments that make a big impact. Lighting has the ability to completely change the look and feel of an outdoor space without breaking the bank. Candles, tiki torches, string lights, and fire features add warmth and ambiance to an outdoor space and can help to extend the time you are able to spend outdoors – both in hours and weeks.

Added Function and Value

Homeowners also will be looking for improvements that add both function and value to their homes. Adding an under-deck drainage system is one such investment for those with elevated decks. Designed to divert water away from the foundation, these systems protect a deck’s substructure from moisture damage while also creating dry space beneath the deck surface that can be used for any number of purposes, from storing seasonal items to serving as a bonus living area.


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