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Update on Ontario College of Trades

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Is OCOT still enforcing?

While many applauded the news that the Ontario College of Trades (OCOT) was winding down, others believed that industry regulation and enforcement are necessary.

Regardless of which side of the argument you’re on, the fact remains that — to some extent — OCOT remains alive and well, despite the fact that its dissolution was supposed to occur early in 2019.

OCOT’s website remains active, albeit littered with mentions that the organization is being absorbed into Service Ontario.

So, what is actually going on with OCOT?


Jesse Rosenberg, Communications Manager — and the only person left in OCOT’s communication department — is mum on the topic.

“We don’t have a comment on the status,” he says, explaining that “this was a government announcement… and because it’s a government decision,” they won’t comment on timelines.

Rosenberg does confirm that OCOT continues to offer services required under its Act, including the T process (people transferring in from other provinces), the registry is still active and they’re still processing memberships.

In terms of staffing, he wasn’t sure he could comment on how many employees are left there. Canadian Contractor specifically asked about the number of enforcement officers that remain, and while he said he’ll get back to us, that question was never answered.

This statement was provided by The College:

“During the transition to the new Ministry-led service delivery model, the College continues to deliver key services including the issuance and renewal of Certificates of Qualification and Statements of Membership. Primarily due to the announced wind-down of the College, we have seen a significant reduction in staffing. We continue to enforce the Ontario College of Trades and Apprenticeship Act, 2009 (OCTAA) but our focus has continued to shift to compliance assistance for members and non-members.”

Reading between the lines of that government speak, it sounds like enforcement may have fallen by the wayside, but at this point, that’s merely a guess.


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1 Comment » for Update on Ontario College of Trades
  1. Questo says:

    In a free democracy with a fascist control it’s a bad idea, and paying for the allusion of freedom, it’s insane.

    Soon the OCOT will starve a slow dead with (the) painful and agony of a scorpion’s stings. Should also be the ESA/ECRA and their insane squad. There is no need for these agencies when full licensed electricians can do their jobs freely. Either we all live in a democracy or we do not. The fascism control should not be tolerated any longer. If trades people fulfill their obligations as pros, no need for cash collectors. These agencies in the name of consumer protection services can not be justified.

    Too many none for profit orgs, in the allusion department, collecting millions. None for profit orgs were intended for charities, not for control agencies. Governments should be able to fulfill the public services, and not allow any private or none for profits in control of their obligations.

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