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UPDATE: Police arrest and charge Eco Life’s David Murray

Controversial Sudbury, ON contractor is charged with theft and trafficking of stolen property

April 25, 2019
By John Bleasby

Canadian Contractor has learned that David Murray, owner of Sudbury, ON contracting company Eco Life Home Improvements Inc. was arrested and charged with theft under $5000 and trafficking of stolen property, by the Greater Sudbury Police Services (GSPS) on Tuesday, April 23 at 4:30pm. Murray was released on his own recognisance and is scheduled to appear in court on May 29, 2019. According to Kaitlyn Dunn of the GSPS, the charges, “are in relation to the fact that while storing another person’s property and equipment [David Murray] did end up selling it without permission.” Dunn confirmed that the property and equipment was sold in North Bay.

Eco Life Home Improvements owner David Murray
(photo courtesy of Matt Durnan/

Sub-trades’ tools went missing
The property and equipment in question were tools allegedly owned by one of Eco Life’s former sub-trades, David Beisel. Beisel told Canadian Contractor he had been working for Murray during the summer of 2018, but stopped in November and returned home to the Toronto area. At that time, Beisel said he was owed back pay, “maybe as much as five or six thousand dollars.”

Beisel said he made several attempts to retrieve his tools starting in December, but said Murray was evasive. “At that point I knew something was going on. I heard through some of his ex-employees that the trailer where all my tools were stored was no longer at his shop.  That’s when I got up to Sudbury and started investigating.” Beisel said the trailer with his tools inside were eventually located in January at a pawn shop in the City of North Bay, some 130 km away. He was forced to buy them back.

Police action a result of public awareness and personal letters
In a conversation with Canadian Contractor last week, Murray mentioned the Beisel tool situation and denied any wrong doing. The charges against him, in fact, have not been proven in court. However, at this point, Beisel is happy to see some action taken by the authorities of both North Bay and Sudbury after several months of delay. He credits public awareness initiatives — including a street demonstration near Sudbury City Hall in early March and an active closed-group Facebook page of past Eco Life customers — for moving his issue “up the food chain”, plus personal letters sent to the Chiefs of Police in both cities. “I’m ecstatic,” he said. “It’s been a long process.”


As previously reported by Canadian Contractor, Murray and his company face several Small Claims actions, an ongoing fraud investigation by the Greater Sudbury Police Services, plus a separate investigation by non-bank lender SNAP Financial Group.

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4 Comments » for UPDATE: Police arrest and charge Eco Life’s David Murray
  1. Where’s your smile now? says:

    There is nothing that this man doesn’t feel he is entitled to. His scope of reach extends to employees, family, friends, and little old ladies. The world clearly owes him, and he appears to be on a rampage to take possession of it. This is a good start, probably enough to wipe that smug smile off his face, and the fraud cases the GSPS are currently investigating should be piling up on him as well. I am so proud of all of his victims for standing up to him and saying “no more…you’re done.”

  2. Shawn says:

    I’m his ex canvessor and he’s still causing trouble in my life. Messaging my daughters mother. Stalking my ex gf messenger account on my old company phone cause she forgot to log out. Glad I’m gone and hope karma comes full circle.

  3. Shawn says:

    He ripped me off for 1000’s then got employees to impersonate me at doors took money and never worked a day using my name can I sue him ?

  4. Curtis says:

    I’m a legitamite subcontractor who Dave Murray owes money to, I’ve taken him thru the legal process and unfortunately the well is dry and there’s a lineup of people owed. Great to hear [he] has finally done somthinf stupid enough to get arrested criminally. This will be his second go in jail, hope they have a pc cell ready for him, lmao.

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