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Vancouver homebuilders president disappointed by transit tax rejection

Canadian Contractor

Bob De Wit, president of the Greater Vancouver Home Builders Association, supported the idea of a 0.5% regional sales tax.

“Disappointing.” That’s the word from the head of the Greater Vancouver Home Builders Association (GVHBA) following a referendum ballot aimed at pumping $7.5 billion over ten years into Metro Vancouver’s congested transportation system. Instead, the 61.7 percent of 700,000 voters who said No to a 0.5 per cent sales tax only made the daily grind for contractors working across Metro’s 21 municipalities tougher, according to GVHBA President Bob de Wit.

“Getting around the city is harder and harder and with this it’s setting us back at least two or three years in the construction of new infrastructure. I think it’s bad news for everybody, including renovators.”

Why did nearly two thirds of Vancouverites nix a sales tax increase to expand the city’s transit, subway, LRT and ferry system? De Wit blames it on voter “ignorance” two to three years leading up to the referendum, fueled by “bad communications and PR” by Translink, Metro Vancouver’s regional transportation authority. “There isn’t a perfect transit system but ours is better than most,” said De Wit, “and I think it deserved to be expanded through a Yes vote.”

De Wit heaped particular scorn on government’s decision to let voters have the main say in funding Metro Vancouver’s future infrastructure. As a result of that failed leadership, he said, paying for an expansion of Metro’s transportation system remains a question mark. “Unless they change the governance of Translink I think what we’re going to see are more property taxes to pay for this project.”



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2 Comments » for Vancouver homebuilders president disappointed by transit tax rejection
  1. Daryl says:

    Um who is miss informed? How about addressing the corrupt people being paid astounding wages to rob the public in every angle they can? At every turn? Waste tax payers money at every turn?
    A sale tax forever? Maybe you miss the fact 61% or more do not use that shitty set up and refuse to pay for it. Why would any one from out of the area want to pay that tax? How about opening the Dual Occupant lane rather than it be left empty? Funny to travel those roads congested when one lane is illegal and empty LMAO hahaha what a waste and stupid as shit…
    The bottom line is people are waking up and tired of being ripped off by so called leaders!!
    And if you think it should have been dictated to the public then well you my dear friend have no integrity. The system relies on the rest of the country to pay for when it serves a few locals. Why in Hell do you expect us to relieve your problems to travel to work. It only serves your self centered wants by sucking the blood from every shopper for ever.
    Start buy managing our money with integrity and build our confidence in a practical working system.

    • Renfrew says:

      There is so much ignorance in your post, Daryl. I will only deal with one, because I simply don’t have the time.

      Are you referring to a Dual Occupant lane on the Port Mann Bridge? If so, then why are you blaming TransLink for a situation on a Provincial Highway bridge?

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