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Vancouver's controversial doorknob ban

Vancouver's city council has banned doorknobs, in favour of levered door handles, in a bid to improve accessibility for the handicapped.

November 27, 2013
By Steve Payne

In Toronto, there’s a doorknob in the mayor’s office, but in Vancouver, city council has banned the common doorknob in single family homes and townhomes, effective March 2014. The ban, which was part of building bylaw amendments two months ago, didn’t get much national publicity until yesterday. The goal of the amendments was to improve accessibility for the handicapped – which intelligent citizens will support. Whether this particular measure was necessary is being widely questioned – but there’s even talk of extending this ban across Canada. Wow.

The National Post’s columnist Brian Hutchinson has a negative view of the legislation here.

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  1. Barry says:

    Banning door knobs? Using the excuse that it will “increase handicapped accessibility” … well why the heck not just ban doors? That would lead to even more accessibility wouldn’t it?

    Just imagine how easy it would be for those with physical challenges to access things like bathroom stalls and unisex change rooms that are totally un-partitioned…hell in an effort to reduce court costs of ever increasing number of petty crimes like shoplifting why not just legislate that trying on all new apparel purchases be done right out in the isle of the store and do away with the PRIVACY that changing cubicals allow and no one can swipe clothes from the department stores…and we won’t have to worry about restricting access to the physically challenged…everyone will be on the same level playing field.

    Enough with the Politically Correct thuggery!!!

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