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VIDEO: How CertainTeed Insulation and MemBrain stop moisture-trapping in your builds

Canadian Contractor

Moisture trapping occurs often in Canada. We build in the rain, we build in the snow. And then we rush to close in our walls with 6 mil plastic. Bad idea, say contractors Andy Burns of Beyond Code, and Damon Bennett, CertainTeed insulation brand ambassador.

In this video from the fine folks at Beyond Code, contractor Andy Burns talks to CertainTeed Insulation “ambassador” Damon Bennett about how to stop trapping moisture in your builds.

“I’m always looking for the next best product,” Damon says. “CertainTeed’s Sustainable Insulation doesn’t hold water, doesn’t mould, doesn’t fall out of the walls.” Then Damon goes on to describe the type of vapour barrier that CertainTeed has also introduced to eliminate moisture trapping: MemBrain Air Barrier & Sustainable Vapor Retarder.

“In Canada, we are building in the rain, building in the snow – and we’re trying to close houses in quickly with 6 mil plastic, trapping moisture,” Damon says. Andy adds that 6 mil poly has been the vapour barrier of choice for contractors for many years, but that it doesn’t let moisture out of the insulation, and CertainTeed’s MemBrain is a vastly superior choice.


Watch Andy and Damon chat about the products in this video.


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2 Comments » for VIDEO: How CertainTeed Insulation and MemBrain stop moisture-trapping in your builds
  1. I am assuming the MemBrain Air Barrier is recognized by building code as accepted product to replace the 6-mil but yet to see it in practice in our area.
    Assuming I am reading the Product Specs properly… (

    Makes a whole lot of sense seeing as we use OSB on outside and 6-mil on inside with our compositions….

    Tks for Video

  2. Michael Angemeer says:

    Where is Certainteed Membrain available in Canada?
    Thank you.

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