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Watch a thief stealing tools from a Regina home under construction

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After tools worth $4,000 went missing, Regina contractor Dan Banesh brought in security cameras.

CBC News has a terrific video, here, of a tool heist in progress. It was taken by security cameras installed at his new home build by Regina contractor Dan Banesh.

Banesh decided to install the cameras last month after someone stole $4,000 worth of drywall tools from his subtrades.

He pulled up outside the house just in time to see the thieves featured in this video driving away. However, he didn’t get a license plate number. But he has posted still photographs from the security cameras at his Facebook page: House Trade Built battering project.

Anyone with information on the thieves should contact the Regina police.



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  1. Picked Clean says:

    It is unfortunate that our police system is only interested in “cost effective” policing. (speed tickets, traffic violation, etc. any activity that generates income by targeting those who are likely to pay – middle class non criminal types). If they wanted to curb this activity they would set up “Bait Houses” and the courts would actually administer justice and protect societies interests. But, if that miracle could ever happen, taxpayers would be burdened with having to pay to keep the worthless thief housed and fed. And all the bleeding hearts would make excuses for the criminal. Bring back work camps and chain gangs. 30 days on a chain gang would be enough to set most losers straight. Public canning would also be a good idea for smaller offenses.

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