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"Where's the money, Adam?" "The money went into the company!"

Canadian Contractor

Global TV News got Adam Gardin to answer the question everyone else is wondering about: Where did all those homeowner deposits GO? "Into my company!" That was easy.

Well, Global TV News got the man to talk live. We didn’t see any other one-on-one interviews with Adam Gardin published when he folded his GarCon Building Group in Toronto last week, leaving up to to 20 homeowner clients with unfinished (and barely started) renovations in exchange for a reported million dollars in upfront deposits. Gardin certainly didn’t return our calls and got his message out (essentially that he was a bad businessperson who was remorseful about all the abandoned jobsites and unpaid trades but that he was not a “fraud”) strictly via emails to the Toronto Star and, later, CityTV. Subtrades, employees and the angry clients held a public protest outside of Gardin’s home. Multiple trades are also claiming, collectively, hundreds of thousands of dollars in unpaid invoices. One creditor estimated GarCon’s total subtrades bills add up to $1-million.

In this Global TV News video, watch Gardin react to the question that everyone has been asking. Where did the money go?

Well, that one was easy. “The money went into the company!” Gardin replies. “There are tons of companies (this) unfortunately happens to.”

And then later in the impromptu interview…


“How did you get all these positive HomeStars reviews?”

“I built this company up from scratch, from nothing. I’m from Detroit originally.”

Oh well, that explains it then.

Also watch Reiner Hoyer, The Reno Coach, talking about the mistakes the homeowners made when dealing with GarCon.


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