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We had no idea that we were required to be CVOR registered…

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"When I heard of needing log books (for my cube van)... I really sounded like it applied to big rig transport trucks, not a window company doing word-of-mouth in their local, small area..."

Keith B of Lakeshore Home Improvements posted this in reply to Alec Caldwell‘s opinion piece that said “(Ontario) MTO officers are vultures!”

“We recently experienced issues with the (Ontario Ministry of Transport) CVOR (Commercial Vehicle Operator’s Registration) requirements. We had a cube van and had absolutely no idea that we were required to be CVOR registered, let alone the log book, daily inspections, etc. When I heard of needing log books, etc., it really sounded like it applied to big rig transport trucks – not a window company doing work in their local small area. We had been doing the annual safety checks on the cube van because we knew of that from “word of mouth.” How would one even know about the CVOR requirements if they are not told about them? When we bought it, no one told us…when I got the thing plated for 12 years no one told me… when I paid my insurance on it, no one there told me. How is one to know about these things? Like all the stuff we business owners go through from HST to WSIB, we know we have to do that stuff….THOSE organizations will let you know in a real hurry that you have to pay and register. How come MTO could not have let me know I even needed a CVOR registration?”


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3 Comments » for We had no idea that we were required to be CVOR registered…
  1. Rick King says:

    wake up man ! if you want someone to tell you what to do – you should be an employee – not a business owner.

  2. Ken (KM Home Improvements Inc) says:

    I went through the same hassle with our cube van a number of years ago. Same thing it’s a construction vehicle and always we did the annual safety. I got letters from the MTO saying that i need to get a CVOR and the license office (Service Ontario) told me i don’t need it. So i let it go for while until i received another letter from the MTO saying that if i don’t apply for CVOR immediately they will hit us with a large fine (Can’t remember the amount)

    So i pull out the letter and call the phone # and MTO department listed on the letter. Someone answers and i tell them i am calling to apply for a CVOR AND they say what’s a CVOR??????? (UNBELIEVABLE) So i told them either they will need to stop sending threatening letters or they will need to figure out really fast what a CVOR actually is. Needless to they did finally figure it out and now we our fill out pre trip inspection log book every day and pay our annual cash grab for renewal and everyone is happy!!!!

  3. There is a lot to know about the CVOR. It really impacts the cost of insurance too. There is a great webinar that just got put on about it. Check it out here –

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