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We have a Contractor Dilemma Contest winner!

Canadian Contractor

Dan Sageman of Grand Bend, ON wins a DeWalt cordless jigsaw!

Finding middle ground is the best way forward with “Mrs. Hyde”

How should a contractor handle a client’s wife who now rejects the noise and disruption caused by interior construction? Jimmy Drum has commenced a large basement renovation for Sue and Gerard Mezzieros, but now finds himself is caught between meeting Sue’s new demands and the need to keep his crew working efficiently and happily.(Read the details of this Dilemma)

Outlining the renovation process in advance with both Sue and Gerard Mezzieros in detail might have prevented problems in the first place. Perhaps even including certain clauses in the original contract to cover subjects such as noise, parking, and use of facilities could have been of benefit. However, hindsight is 20-20 and not much help now.


Everyone submitting a proposal felt a meeting was required between Jimmy and the Mezzieros.  The question was — How much compromise, if any, is appropriate?

“Jimmy needs to schedule a meeting with both homeowners,” wrote Dan Sageman of Carolinian Construction, Grand Bend, ON. Dan’s proposal was judged the winner by our panel. “At that meeting, there needs to be some compromise. Jimmy has already quoted the job, and all of Sue’s requirements will add cost.” At the same time, Dan outlined ways that Sue’s concerns could be resolved without too much expense or trouble. After all, he said, “As project managers, we need to respect that some folks are sensitive to noise/disruption/change. The line I use often is, ‘You have to break some eggs to make an omelette’”.

Congratulations, Dan!
You will receive a DeWalt 20V MAX* XR® Brushless Jigsaw (retail value $389).

We received many great ideas that were similar in many ways to those described by Dan Sageman. In fact, there were so many good ideas that we will be making a post of these in the very near future for the benefit of all our readers.



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