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We once had the MTO in for a VOLUNTARY audit of our vehicle… They gave us $900 in fines.

Once again, a government inspection agency - this time the MTO - proves itself to be purely interested in a cash grab, in total disregard of common sense, respect for its "client" base, or courtesy. Ontario Ministry of Transportation, shame on you.

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September 19, 2014 by Steve Payne

This is the last, we PROMISE, piece of Ministry of Transport bashing we will do for a while. (Give us about three weeks.)

This one if from Mike Detraunt.

Tell us if you are surprised. We aren’t.

“We once had the MTO in for a “voluntary” audit, wanting to make sure we were doing the right thing (with our commercial vehicle): proper book care, tire, safety audits, etc. To my shock after the two day audit, they gave us $900 in fines. That’s right , a “voluntary audit.” True story, be careful with any audits from these guys. It’s a money grab: they have to pay for their existence. Or sorry, I should say, we do.”

Steve Payne

Steve Payne

Steve Payne is the editor of Canadian Contractor magazine
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2 Comments » for We once had the MTO in for a VOLUNTARY audit of our vehicle… They gave us $900 in fines.
  1. Dean says:

    Welcome to Ontario – penalized for asking for help!!

  2. Bob2 says:

    Sadly many government agencies are make work projects, not to say some are not needed but they are way too top heavy which costs us taxpayers a lot of money. Considering Ontario is so bloated with public unions I don’t see things changing for the better..