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Well said, Mr. Koci. Rob Ford is one politician that is fighting the unions

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One reader, Vinnie, had an opposite viewpoint on Koci's editorial in support of Rob Ford. "I URGE you to all to FIRE ROBERT KOCI," he wrote.

Rob Koci’s editorial (“Why So Many of Us Still Support Rob Ford”) got 50 online comments within a few hours.

There were a lot of readers who thought Koci was dead wrong. One reader, Vinnie, asked that Koci lose his job for writing such things (“Fail. I ain’t even a contractor but I URGE you all to FIRE ROBERT KOCI.”) 

But about half of all comments were totally supportive of Koci’s viewpoint on Ford. (Our online poll (441 responses) shows that 42 per cent of readers “would vote for Rob Ford if he was your mayor.” 58 per cent would not.)

Here’s a pro-Rob Ford comment from Denis Charron.


“Well said! Rob Ford is one politician that is fighting the unions and other government privileged.

The interesting thing is that more and more people are starting to recognize the unfair situation that now exists.

People in the private sector are starting to grasp the costs of salaries, benefits and pension plans that the public sector workers enjoy at the expense of our tax dollars… and the reality that the cost of these programs is not sustainable.

There was a time when many would consider the benefits that public sector employees were getting and think, “Good for them!”

But now, most people don’t have these kinds of perks in their employment anymore and are often struggling just to make ends meet.

So now the sentiment is, ” Why should my tax dollars give them so much, when I can’t get any of those benefits myself?”

And, hopefully, that is the beginning of a turning tide.

We need politicians like Rob Ford that are able to fight for us and our tax dollars… and say, ‘We can’t afford that!’ “


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2 Comments » for Well said, Mr. Koci. Rob Ford is one politician that is fighting the unions
  1. Kevin says:

    An you wonder why our country is so screwed up. We have a bunch or lyres, cheaters and crooks in charge. Unfortunately, that’s not the problem. The problem is that half the people think it’s ok.

  2. Hamilton is union city. Well just go to Hamilton and you will see many companies close their doors,

    WHY? Rob Ford Want to see more jobs in Toronto.
    and save money for the Tax payers.

    Why pay $50 an hour to a worker that take all the time that he need to cut one tree.

    The TAX money should give it away.

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