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What friends are NOT for

It's good to be friends, but better to take care of business.

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January 20, 2012 by Robert Koci

A conversation with a plumber reveals how ignoring details can cost a bundle.

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4 Comments » for What friends are NOT for
  1. Nicholas Mantell says:

    Yes! As they say, “The Devil is in the details.” So true. NIce one.

  2. This could happen regardless of friends or not. This is why we always specify in writing what materials we are using. I.e. Type L copper or ACR copper, ULC 636 venting or Schedule 40 PVC, Black iron gas piping or Type K copper or CSST, 28 ga or 30 ga sheet metal, flexible liner or B-vent or ML liner… Oh, does it keep us out of trouble! Most of the time, but it does go a long way to minimize the miscommunication.

  3. Pawel K. says:

    Yeah…an accident (in communication) waiting to happen before the job even started.

  4. J P Perkins says:

    Hi Robert,
    Like an old guy told me, you can’t work with your enemies so of course you should work with your friends. Whenever I do a friend’s job, I write up a letter of agreement/ list of work& materials to be installed. I include my hourly rate and shake hands just like I do with any customer.Then we both know what to expect.