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What happens when contractors aren’t alert

"Disoriented" contractors drove onto an airport runway

December 13, 2019
By Rob Blackstien

Don’t be the guy that causes this.

A recent report by the UK Civil Aviation Authority Air Accidents Investigation Branch (now that’s a mouthful) detailed an episode from February when a contractor at Heathrow Airport in London, England, nearly caused a catastrophe because he was “disoriented.”

The contractors were driving in their company vehicle, and had permits to drive on the airside roadways and aprons. However, based on a “miscommunication,” the driver “became disorientated and drove onto the active runway,” the report states.

Just then, an A300-600 freighter aircraft was lining up for takeoff, having received clearance. Fortunately, an airport staff member saw the contractors on the runway and immediately contacted the controller, who cancelled the plane’s takeoff clearance in the nick of time.

See? Paying attention on the job is extremely important! You may not get run over by a plane, but clearly, bad things can and will happen.


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