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VIDEO: What to look for when installing a garage door

Andy Burns of Beyond Code talks with Scott Thomson of garage door manufacturer Richards-Wilcox about choosing the right unit for the Canadian climate.

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January 8, 2016 by Steve Payne

In 15 years as a contractor, Andy Burns of Beyond Code has seen a lot of his competitors cut corners by building to code minimums.

That isn’t always the best idea – and particularly where garage door installations are concerned.

Garage doors are the heaviest and largest moving part of most Canadian homes, points out Scott Thomson of Richards-Wilcox, a leading manufacturer of premium garage doors. Choosing the right brand, and installing the door correctly, are critical.

As Andy points out in this video, two of the leading factors in differentiating premium garage doors from the ordinary brands are insulation and hardware.

The steel on both sides of the polyurethane insulation in a Richards-Wilcox door is heated before the polyurethane is intruded, Scott points out, which means an excellent adhesion of the insulation to the steel for better insulation (no air). And the hardware and rollers on the Richards-Wilcox brand are superior, too. There are finger-protected joints between panels that keep fingers pushed away and safe when operating the door.

The firm brings the same quality levels to its residential-grade products as it does to its commercial systems, which is has been manufacturing for over 100 years.

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  1. A helpful and informative video for garage doors. I look forward to these little videos when I’m in the office having my morning coffee.