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WHMIS is one of these courses contractors, sub trades or employees are required to have completed under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, along with Fall Protection Awareness. These are required mandatory Canada wide.

Normally to obtain these you have to travel miles to a particular location, where you sit for 3 to 4 hours watching videos’ or maybe someone boring you with these sometimes dry subjects.

CARAHS has come up with an easier way, you don’t have to travel and it costs a fraction of the normal price. You can sit back in your own comfortable chair, whether in your office, your home or in your vehicle. All you need is a computer, Wi Fi and you can complete these courses anywhere.

You get three chances to pass the course you selected for a set fee. Stop and start each course as you please and when you re start, it goes straight back to where you left off.


These are professional safety video courses that are compliant, based on your province of residence. Once a course is completed, it’s marked immediately and if you pass, you print out a certificate and suddenly you’re compliant.

Again if a sub trade or sub contractor is planning to work at your job site and they can’t give you a copy of their Fall Protection Awareness certificate. Simply direct them to our online education knowledge centre, where they can complete these courses. Now they can give you a copy of their certificate before setting foot on your job site. Should they now get injured; this reduces your liability when the Ministry of Labour comes calling to investigate.

Check out our sample WHMIS and Fall Protection Awareness compliant safety training video courses and complete them now at

If you have any questions, please contact us.

CARAHS is a Non – Profit Organization who educates, informs and offers benefits to those self employed in the home renovation and home services industry. Toll free 1-866-366-2930 Email



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