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Why does a doctor who abuses his patients get a lesser punishment than an unlicensed electrician?

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Obviously the Electrical Safety Authority takes its job more seriously than the College of Physicians and Surgeons does.

Why does a licensed doctor who sexually abuses his patients get a lesser punishment than an unlicensed electrician?

In Ontario, clearly the doctor with the predatory hands has an easier time of it.

Let’s compare two cases of violating a client’s trust and breaking the law.

In this corner, practising out of the Mississauga Health Centre, Dr. Sastri Maharajh, learned member of that most prestigious of professional organizations, the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons (OCPS).


His record? “Doctor” Maharajh was found guilty last year of “professional misconduct” which consisted of “resting his cheek” and/or “placing his mouth” on the breast of as many as 13 female patients.

The OCPS has disciplined him THIS way: Dr. Maharajh is not allowed to see female patients any more. You have to be a man to consult his practice. (If you’d like to do so, you can visit him at the Mississauga Health Centre).


Now let’s meet the challenger for screwing up on the job. In this corner, Richard D. Hazel, found guilty of practising illegal electrical work (no license, etc.) in Hamilton, Ont. this year – and in Windsor, Ont. in 2012.

The Electrical Safety Authority (and the Ontario College of Trades, opportunistically as ever) testified in Provincial Court, where a judge fined Mr. Hazel $15,485 and sentenced him to 30 days in jail.

Who wins?

Dr. Majarajh’s licensed disgracefulness earns him a restricted practice.

Richard D. Hazel’s unlicensed electrical work earns him the slammer.





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6 Comments » for Why does a doctor who abuses his patients get a lesser punishment than an unlicensed electrician?
  1. Stephen says:

    Not sure you aren’t comparing apples and oranges. If someone poses as a licensed doctor and they aren’t, I’m sure they would be brought up on charges and potential jail time.
    I’m certainly not saying the doctor shouldn’t have deserved a more severe punishment, but these are still two different scenarios.

  2. Ernie Saucier says:

    My wife and I own a business where we have alot of contact with an Ontario Government. Inspector .,He continually Bullies and has gone as far as called some of our instructors names. Often leaving the person he is talking to in tears. We have no recource. If it were reversed they would have us in court quiker than you could shake your head. Frustrated with the Onario justice system

  3. ernest lustig says:

    Any different with lawyers, accountants, they steal, cheat and get a slap on the wrist because they have a higher educated background than most people.

  4. Ben Kuypers says:

    Hardly 2 situations you can compare. Although I don’t condone the bad Doctors behavior, the consequences of his actions don’t nearly compare with what could potentially go wrong if the electrician covered up some poor work. Not that he did, who knows. The doctor may have potentially lost 50% of his clients, and who knows how long it would take him to financially recoup from that. A rather silly comparison.

  5. Ben Kuypers says:

    Besides, why isn’t the Doctor being charged with sexual assault or something like that, rather than just ‘Professional Misconduct’. Seems he’s getting off lightly regardless.

  6. Questo says:

    Ernie Saucier, if you are so concern about this inspector, why can’t you publicly disclose his name, to whom he works for, and all his stupidity, or harassment. Take a photo of him and displayed on the social media.
    Maybe the only way he could understand, how to respect the ones work hard to maintain his pay check.

    First take a photo of him and tell him what your intentions are, then you may see his face go purple, he may also start pee on his pants.

    I did that to a doctor in one of our Ontario hospitals, about some issue of a family member, ( family member request not to be alone with the doctor) doctor refused, then photo up, he went bananas, he almost kiss my ass, he was told one more refusal, he will see himself on the front pages of journals, social media etc. It works very effective, is what these bullies fear the most, public discloser.

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