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We have a winner in our latest Contractor Dilemma Contest!

Eric Elford of Habidex Renovations in New Westminster, BC wins a DeWalt 20V LED Tripod Light

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March 5, 2018 by John Bleasby

In our last issue’s contest, renovator Chris Norton was partway through an expensive basement project for wealthy clients. All had gone well in terms of payments and change notices. Shortly before completion, the clients ask Norton to renovate the master bath on the third floor. A contract was drawn up, a $5000 deposit paid, and special-order tiles purchased to the wife’s specifications. But one week later, they cancelled and asked for their deposit back. What should Norton do?

Taking the high road was the advice suggested by almost every respondent. As annoying as it was to have a contract cancelled after custom material had been ordered, most pointed out that Norton’s relationship with the clients had been very professional to this point, and that they might be influential among their wealthy friends — important for repeat business. Smiling and moving on, trying to sell the tile on-line, storing it, or exploring the possibility of a restocking charge was the advice offered.

Our panel of experts also agreed with those who felt that that antagonizing the clients by attempting to convince them to pay for the tiles would only jeopardize the on-going and future relationship. The response that best captured all of the issues involved was submitted by Eric Elford of Habidex Renovations in New Westminster, BC

Congratulations Eric! You will receive a DeWalt 20V LED Tripod Light with a 6.0 Ah battery and charger kit. (Suggested retail $469)