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Winnipeg contractor shares the 5 ways he checks out someone he’s thinking of doing business with

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Stan lists a "QB Search" as number one on his due diligence methods. No, it's nothing to do with football... but a "Queen's Bench Search"

Hello Readers!

As an electrical contractor in Winnipeg, I can’t stress enough to homeowners how much homework, recon or digging you have to do in order to understand whom you are about to hire – and especially who you are about to let into your home. Anyone can show up to your door and be anyone they want to be for five minutes. And then collect your deposit. I understand that it should not be this way but in today’s reality, it is this way.

Before I do business with any other contractor or company, I start with a provincial Court of Queens’ Bench search (or a “QB Search” as I call it). This allows me to see any type of transaction they have had with the law since 1984. Since opening my company, the one thing I have learned is that a business is an extension of its owner’s character. If they have been lazy before, they are probably running a lazy business, too – one that will not work. If they are a wool puller, I’m sure the unsatisfied customers will have been lining up. And when this happens, you end up in court with them every time.

Each customer has to take on the responsibility of finding the correct contractor for their job. When you’re spending that kind of money, please invest in the right resources beforehand and start researching from day one. There are people out there, every day, preying on people who don’t do their homework. So please, people, invest the time to do your research. Here are some pointers in order to establish who is likely to be a good contractor.


1) QB Search (see above)
2) BBB (Better Business Bureau)
3) References
4) Company Registry
5) NO CASH! Expect to pay taxes. Every reputable company will charge them.

Hope this helps!!


Stan Connolly
Connco Electric
Winnipeg, Manitoba


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  1. rudy says:

    can you please give us some insight on how we can find QB in Ontario
    ps when posting a response to comments, i have noticed that it doesn’t actually notify us, so please also email me, thanks

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