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WSIB (Ontario) on a claims-denial binge as they transfer $285 million into their investment fund

Canadian Contractor

The WSIB is stashing away hundreds of millions of dollars by denying claims at a stupendous rate, Alec Caldwell argues

Note: The WSIB has responded to this article, saying that the claims allowed rate has not changed. Click here to see that post.


The folks at Ontario’s WSIB are saving a tidy sum of money these days as they spin stories of fewer accidents occurring. And how improved health and safety programs are the cause.



The WSIB is stashing away money by throwing legitimate claimants under the bus.

Evidence to dispute what WSIB says about the savings from improved health and safety programs comes from the very people who police Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act: the Ministry of Labour (MOL).

An MOL-commissioned survey shows that WSIB’s “claims allowed” rate fell from just under 2 per cent of employed workers in 2004 to just over 1 per cent in 2013. Meanwhile, the number of fatalities and critical injuries per year showed essentially no change.

The MOL definition of a critical injury includes fractures to limbs, loss of blood and other non-life-threatening injuries that can occur with slips, trips and falls.

So, when fatalities and these critical injuries show no change, why would claims go down from about 2 per cent to about 1 per cent? Claims denial!

It’s all about reducing the “unfunded liability” at the WSIB, these days. (Editor’s Note: That debt-to-the-future is $7.5-billion, according to John Slinger in an email of Nov. 10. Alec’s original version of this story said it was “somewhere around $9-billion).”

The “unfunded liability” is the amount of money the WSIB owes or will owe claimants in the future, versus funds/assets/investments that the WSIB possesses.

So the WSIB has been turning around its balance sheet to the tune of billions of dollars. Never mind that that money is needed by legitimate claimants.

The WSIB’s rates absolutely dwarf those of the Workers Comp systems in other provinces. While the WSIB is now in its third year of enjoying all the extra revenues it has been raking in since it made independent owner/operators into mandatory WSIB payees, under Bill 119.

It’s been quite a “culture change” at the WSIB.

The man in charge of the culture change, I. David Marshall, a former international banker, diplomat and senior Canadian government executive, collected $2-million from his first contract as WSIB’s top dog. He’s now he is working on his second contract. He earned a $400,000 bonus a year ago, for being so good at his job.

With revenues exceeding expenses in the first quarter of this year, WSIB transferred $285 million into its investment funds. Meanwhile, claimants are being pushed to the edge (See report).

Workers with denied claims are doing what they can to get publicity, but it’s an uphill battle. No matter how many Facebook pages workers put up, the general public remains oblivious to the issue.

One man, Jimmy Valgak, went on a hunger strike at Queen’s Park. Didn’t hear much about that, did you?

One Hamilton, Ont. doctor,  Dr. Brenda Steinnagel, as reported in the Toronto Star on Sept. 22, is suing WSIB and her former employer, claiming she was fired when she wouldn’t deliver a medical opinion about a worker that suited the purposes of the WSIB.

The WSIB is a disgrace. Families are crushed while the bureaucrats fatten themselves on contractors’ payments. There is occasional coverage of the WSIB’s behaviour in the mainstream media, but it’s hardly considered a scandal.

It is a scandal.


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53 Comments » for WSIB (Ontario) on a claims-denial binge as they transfer $285 million into their investment fund
  1. Sean Keane says:

    First a little typo in your column it was bill 119. Second yep I am still around, my court case against the WSIB has now surpassed 5 years.

    As the WSIB is alleged to be denying claims, forcing injured workers back to work early or simply cancelling their claims, some of which have if I understand form reading some of the social media posts have surfaced on ODSP programs something that also maybe worth looking into. If the ailment is recognized by ODSP why were these workers cut off from WSIB.

    Employers hiding injuries, injured workers telling their Doctor’s they were hurt at home so they don’t have to suffer at the hands of the WSIB. And lets not forget Mr. Dunphy killed over a threatening tweet. The alleged suicide rate amongst injured workers dealing with the WSIB. Hundreds if not thousands of Stories from sea to sea about these abuses and all for what to curve the unfunded liability. To make people pay for their mismanagement and the Politicians who fear what would happen if they tried to reign them in.

    Although I created my website to bring attention to the other side, the Contractors side abused and extorted by the WSIB, I have received quite a few emails from injured workers, some of the stories are horrific and depressing. This has to stop a criminal investigation is certainly required and if need be I can certainly help.

    Over the last nine years I have uncovered a lot, not only with audits and their criminal activity but WSIAT cases dealing with injured workers that contain the following. False Documentation, extortion, forgery, manipulation and suppressing evidence, the list is endless yet never brought to the attention of a Crown attorney or the police. However all the information is easily obtainable from our friends at CANLII.ORG, so if I can find out all of this why has the justice system not acted on any of it, How many more people must suffer or worse die because of these acts.

    • Fred Palmer says:

      What we need is a class action suit against the Provincial and Federal governments. Why? Because the main reason seriously injured workers are abused to death, or left in pain and poverty and stress that makes us dysfunctional, is because these agencies discriminate and neglect injured workers. How? By the Federal government taking our medical rights, and the Provincial governments taking our legal rights. It is as simple as that. Why did they do this? So when we are obviously medically disabled from our employment they can start a campaign of fraud, theft, slander and abuse the injured worker in many more ways such as gang stalking. Basically if you are disabled from your employment and entitled to workers comp benefits and both the public system doctors and the WSIB/WCB doctors know you are disabled, and the government knows, then why are we denied benefits? It is a genocide that is why. Injured workers who are permanently disabled from any type labour work are singled out and abused with frivolous and vexatious appeals processes that are not necessary and in fact illegal. Oh yes but you have no rights so cannot defend yourself and no one outside WSIB/WCB will help. Those suffering severe pain from nerve damage are the most affected but how can you get treatment if the workers comp doctor says there is nothing wrong with you? 36 years of Hell from Chronic Pain that worsens upon any activity, and mental torment at the fact I know I am being abused and robbed of my money and life. But’eh, I only got thrown from dragged and crushed from head to toe by a small train so I guess there is no way that could disable a person from their employment and careers. Right?

    • Chad K says:

      I just stumbled across this from looking into the stress i have gone through in the past 2 and a half years with my work and WSIB, i have been forced back into work early once already, know one would listen or take me serious about the pains i was still having. After seeing my surgen it turned out i needed a second surgery. I an almost 4 months from that surgery, i have been going to school through WSIB, but the stress and fear of having to deal with my employer has really taken a toll on me and my wife. everything in this article has happened to me so far. I am stressing out big time, and i still have 2 more years of school, its been vary hard adjusting to this, i still deal with discomfort and pains. I tore a tendon in my left wrist which had to be fused back together, then added a bone anchor to keep the tendon in place. I will only have 70% of my ROM. Work has pushed and bullied me and has plain out treated me me crap. They’ve have been doing this so i would walk out and quite so they can wash their hands with the claim. I am so scared of going through it again, I just don’t know how to handle things anymore.
      I am seeking counseling to help, but even WSIB won’t help with that, I have mentioned to them several times now that my mental health has not been good, but i have had no guidance or help. I see my family doctor about it later this week.

      I just wanted to share what i have been going through and see if i can get some feed back on how to handle my situation.

    • Tiffany says:

      Hello Sean, my name is Tiffany and I’d be really interested in chatting with you. I am involved in a project to expose WSIB and the redirecting of workers funds. I believe your experience could be very helpful to this project, if you were interested? Please email me at Hope to hear from you. Bless

  2. Mark Winegarden says:

    Make WSIB liable for costs and damages. Problem solved! Presently there is absolutely no downside for absurd denials. I won my appeal after 3 years only to have them adjust my benefit. Yes they admit I am permanently disabled due to a workplace accident. The Tribunal told them so. They had cut me off after over 5 years of benefits and letters saying I would never work again. But now they have decided that because of my high school and college education they are going to deduct 11.00/hr for a forty hour week from my benefits? (Retroactively) Why? They know I will never work again. They figure I will just give in and abandon my appeal. After all when they are forced three years from now to repay me, they will just do so….. No penalty. It’s Criminal!

  3. Frank lechlitner says:

    I hurt my back at work and was off in total 7 days ,rehabbing and resting .

    Wsib letter that I received ,we agree you hurt it at work while performing your duties,bit we don’t feel you should have been off for 7 days . therefore we are denying the claim .
    But….you have the right to appeal lol
    And take another day off
    Wsib is a joke

  4. gayle says:

    DISGUSTING Prime Minister Trudeau… send these people to jail. Force us to pay into this fund for INSURANCE then allow these people to deprive us of it whrn we need it most. Very sad.

  5. Robert says:

    I have witnessed a good friend pushed to the brink of suicide by wsib and it’s harassment (yes harrassment) and bullying. It’s a shame any publicly funded program can be this corrupted and shady. It also allows employers to manipulate the accident/incident report to suit it’s own best interest. I have seen this too. Shameful!

  6. Erin Hawkins says:

    1. I recognize as an employer paying your premiums as you’re required to so, you unlikely do not know who to believe. I will summarize what WSIB has been doing for at least a decade but has accelerated their attacks on injured workers in the last 5 years. WSIB collects premiums from employers to protect themselves from lawsuits & to provide for workers who are injured on the job. Like a person buying a life insurance policy, $100,000.00 for your dependents to provide for their financial futures. Imagine that when that day came and your family tries to collect with your death certificate in hand. The response of the insurance company was to tell your dependents & beneficiaries that they will only pay them $20.000.00 or simply refuse payment altogether take it or leave it…file an appeal. If you appeal though we may refuse past benefits paid to you. How would you feel? This is how injured workers are feeling. How is this possible? WSIB is an arm’s length agency of the Ministry of Labour. WSIB; Don Marshall, Elizabeth Witmer & John Slinger tells the Labour Minister what he wants to hear but the reality is completely different for injured workers. The truth is in the details. WSIB has implemented discriminatory policies that completely overrides WSIA legislation. Such as “deeming”; deeming an injured worker well enough to return to work based on WSIB’s new policy & not based on medical evidence of the worker. Creating clinics to rubber stamp this false medical information that contradicts a worker’s specialist reports. Outright denial of all benefits to older & psychologically injured workers based on new policy not WSIA. Deemed 80% to 100% reductions to injured workers benefits based on “phantom” wages when a injured remains medically unable to work. Why should employers care if it keeps their premium rates down? Employers are paying twice for these worker injuries, through premiums and through their taxes as these now poverty stricken injured workers & their families fall onto various government programs since WSIB is not paying legitimate claims, arbitrarily reducing benefits & health care supported by lots of medical evidence. My own situation is supported by numerous medical reports from 5 doctors & specialists stating I remain unable to work for medical reasons but WSIB has cut my benefits by 80% through deeming. Taxpayers are paying for these workers & their families since WSIB has refused to pay but this hasn’t stopped WSIB from collecting premiums so where are these premiums going? Check out the Sunshine list, there’re hundreds listed from WSIB. WSIB is suggesting this is necessary to cover an unfunded liability or put another way to put enough in their savings account to pay for bills that do not come do for payment for another 10-30 years. These injured workers & their families are your neighbours but they may also be your consumers. Therefore forcing them into bankruptcy doesn’t help local businesses.

    This is some real statistics based on “real” people & their “real situation” after a workplace injury. This is 5 years old before WSIB stepped up its assault on Injured Workers’ benefits. WSIB is using information about injured workers’ outcomes post-injury from before 2000, today this situation is significantly worse.
    Injured Workers and Poverty Survey 2010
    A Community-based Participatory Research Project
    Many Losses, Much Hardship
    The Impact of Work Injury
    • Before injury, 89% were employed full time; after injury 9%
    • Nearly one in five lost their homes after injury
    • Nearly one quarter had moved in with family or friends at some point after their injuries
    • One in five injured workers could no longer afford a car
    • Food bank use rose from 5 to 77 people after work injury
    • 20% reported an overnight hospital stay the last 12 months (most because of the work injury) compared with 7% for the general population of Canadians
    • Over half had not been able to afford medications in the past 12 months
    • 57% of injured workers in the study were unemployed
    For more information:
    If I were paying premiums to WSIB in support of programs that were to help injured workers and were to keep them out of poverty and not dependent on society. I would feel ripped off by WSIB with these statistics. When John Slinger talks of quicker decisions, he talks of quicker denials that may force injured workers spend the next decade tied up in WSIB’s appeals process. When WSIB, John Slinger talks of the same number of claims accepted, how many are actually receiving the full 85% as promised or have they been “deemed” working & counted as a WSIB success story when in reality they are receiving so little with WSIB, their family has fallen onto Welfare since they are still medically unable to work. The truth is in the details, employers are being ripped off but seriously, permanently injured workers are being forced into poverty and to commit suicide as a direct result of WSIB’s new discriminatory and illegal policies that are undermining WSIA. Despite the huge number of WSIB workers on the sunshine list, WSIB has been stashing away billions into savings through claims denials or seriously & illegally reduced benefits, this has been done on the backs of hundreds of thousands of the most seriously injured workers. Type “Injured Worker” or WSIAT into Google for true stories and the backlog of appeals that remain delayed for at least a year to be heard. Eventually this situation will be exposed. Premiums are artificially low while WSIB’s wasteful spending continues unabated. The government plans on having Mr. Don Marshall do the same for Ontario’s No-Fault Auto Insurance system, this will affect all Ontarians. The Denial of Legitimate Contractual Insurance Benefits is not good management of expenses. Like paying premiums for $100,000. Benefit of Life Insurance but the Insurance Company refuses to pay the Benefits as promised. No other Insurance company could get away with this….what WSIB is trying to do is illegal.

    • Tim Milberry says:

      This should be in the next issue and the more people that see this might start to see the real problem thank you Erin

  7. Rick Greer says:

    Despite doctor’s restrictions I was ordered to do work contrary to said restrictions resulting in further injury . I filed a complaint to WSIB and was told that injury was from previous injury and not eligible for WSIB compensation although I lost wages on account of this .

  8. Den says:

    F*** those f*** ***********
    They f****d my dad over for 30 yrs with their denial of claims and injuries even after countless reports from his doctor stating the injuries were work related. I’ll say it again; f*** those *********** and f*** our damn government. F****** losers!

  9. Sandra Hardy says:

    This is obscene – both the fact that legitimate claims are being denied and that the head of WSIB gets ( I won’t say earned) $2-million plus a $400,000 bonus! Wow!!!

  10. Rose says:

    My heart goes out to all claimants and they’re families that have had to deal with WSIB
    A definitely no win situation where these Wsib people are professionally trained to not only destroy the integrity of the injured worker but destroy them mentally and physically by making them starve and lose everything they worked so hard for theyre whole life forcing them to go on welfare and lose they’re house and possesions
    Instead of giving them support in they’re time of great need and proper health care Wsib have horrible workers that are so abusive that used to leave My husband shaking and violently ill after every conversation
    Why cant we correct this disgrace?
    My husband passed away because of this Wsib system and im still fighting them for justice for what they did to him and my family which im still paying for mentally
    Shame on our system! Shame on Wsib and all they’re workers!

  11. Clayton Tilley says:

    I am a roofing contractor been in business for 2and half date I have invested aproxametly 82,000.00 dollars into W.S.I.B. I have had no injuries why would I not start getting rebates . I pray that I never get hurt. I have never heard of an owner able to collect I’m sure that would be s loosing battle.

  12. Kevin Harrison says:

    Had two WSIB forms one from my general practitioner and one from my heart specialist excusing me from work. WSIB response, “you can get doctors to say anything” claim denied

  13. Mandy says:

    Well, I have experienced multiple assaults and other abuse at work. I now suffer from PTSD and anxiety +depression. Dealing with WSIB is horrendous. They cleared me on my physical injuries a though I have chronic pain in my shoulders and upper back. Their Dr’s seem to outrule all. My PTSD and anxiety – is high but I am slowly learning coping stratigies. They are liars and bullies, now I’m at a cross road where they tell me I’m moving on… Not following the attending physicians restrictions and or support even. My employer in two years has never had any other alternative. But do for others. It’s all corrupt – I asked for help way before I was injured to my employer, and then from WSIB. They all threw me under the bus. Corrupt they all are. Now I am afraid of losing my house and income , which is stressful especially since I am the only income earner as a full time single mother and income earner for us to. Disgusting is all I can say- so tired they beat you in the ground. Hahaha the best was they tried to pinpoint my PTSD on personal issues exactly what they wanted that Dr (who is suing them for firing her) to say about a nurse who was injured at work. Just because they did not want to approve her claim. Chronic PTSD is not a normal life , it destroyer my life for a long time- pushed me to the brink of seriously causing stNd harm to panic attacks anxiety and most of lack of self trust in decision making. Awful awful just awful

    • Tim Milberry says:

      Also diagnosed ptsd anxiety and depression ? people would not understand the fight we fight? would not even drive a car for 5yrs cuzz it was just not safe to do so?and wsib has said this is a prior problem and I had anxiety and depression prior to my accident? funny never had a doctor for 15yrs prior ?So where did they get this information? O yea’ their doctors said it was a prior problem No need for evidence just say it and its true cuzz like the doctor that is suing said ? Fraud

    • Bob2 says:

      I’ve heard of teachers being on WSIB for decades on stress leave, I guess when you have a union behind you then WSIB is no match. As someone suggested, a class action lawsuit is in order because only in numbers will you get some type of resolution.. I’m sure there wont be a lack of participants.

      On a side not, this bloated government in Ontario is sinking people, driving away businesses while padding it’s own pockets. They are basically a hair away from implementing the Stalin brigade to get rid of people they deem as resistance..

      • Screwed by WSIB says:

        Agree with you Bob, this pure communism and we injured workers are disposable. I think the Gulags would more attractive than what they do to us, who have paid taxes and respectfully contributed to this country.
        As an addition to the abuse and conflict from WSIB I recently fond out they actually sabotage any future jobs an injured worker may obtain. They mitigate costs of any potential future claims with a re-injury etc. I have gainfully worked after my injury only to find out this bs was being played out on me. I was a very successful determined person….suddenly all jobs since my injury I am incompetent, head games by management, fellow workers reporting me….etc. I know this is all from WSIB and fully intend to have them answer for ALL of us. No words can describe how communist the system is and the world only hears about the poor refugees.

  14. Tim Milberry says:

    Just another injured worker that has been suspended by wsib? even though I have many doctors reports that have qualified me for ODSP and also ccp disability how I qualify for those two but not for wsib? that is the question it all comes from an injury on the job but ?? But not covered now a doctor said it is a fraud ? think I would have to agree with that doctor they don’t read reports or they have outrages reasons not to cover you So just when did wsib become a money making company that money is paid for the sole reason of helping injured workers ?Clearly not there intentions anymore they would rather save the money

  15. Tim Milberry says:

    WE need some high profile people to help get the word out to the public about this fraud before they have to find out the hard way like us? would be nice to see Mike Holmes or Brian mention on there shows about this but suppose they would get shut down for that, but glad to see Alic Caldwell getting involved maybe some of these comments could be put in next issue of your magazine to keep it going?

  16. Bill Doyle says:

    Chances are that WSIB is doing the ‘dirty work’ of the Ontario Provincial Government which, in one way or another, will have access to the surplus money. The present provincial government is treating injuries on the job in the same manner it is treating the education system _ injuries are going down and student achievement (EQAO) continues to improve. It is amazing how the numbers can be judged to achieve the goal of the government. Because the provincial government pays them excessive salaries those in charge of the programmes and not going to counter the whim of Wynne and company.
    Why has the provincial government opted to replace the Youth Awareness Programme, sponsored by workers with a management programme that does not prepare the students for the work force?

  17. Stephanie says:

    I too am a victim of this thievery. I am fighting with WSIB as we speak. I fell at work tried to go on WSIB and was told, we don’t pay people to stay at home because of pain! I did everything I needed to do to get my benefits. They covered physical therapy, and denied back brace and one for a chair. I went back against my Dr. orders, because WSIB made me. I wanted to jump in front of a train because of the pain. Dr said Aug 5th, that is it you can not work. Because it took 15weeks to get paid last time, I went on EI. Now I have had my MRI and guess what, I shouldn’t have been working, because of the area, I can not have surgery to repair, there is a good chance I will be paralyzed during the operation. No thanks! Now when EI runs out what do I do? How any people whom work can go without pay? The stress on my husband is unreal because we lost an income as well as lost the full use of my body! What do we do now? Please help someone?
    Thank you for reading this!

    • Tim Milberry says:

      And we are bringing in 25,000 refugees and we can’t even look after are injured workers (CANADIAN INJURED WORKERS) a survey in 2007 found that in Toronto out of the homeless that 57% had worked prior to being homeless were injured workers ? What is wrong with this government can’t look after their own Canadian people but help the refugees

    • Brian Bradbury says:

      Stephanie go see workers advisor. It is run by the labor board of ontario. Those people are there for you but many dont realize they act as lawyers and the wsib are very much affraid and threatened of them. Workers adviser have inside info and fight for you. Doesnt cost anything unlike lawyers. They faught tooth and nail for me if they can help they will.

  18. In reply to everyone who posted.
    I’d like to thank you all for your heart felt comments and it clearly tells the story of WSIB and the huge issues that needs to be tackled, before any more claimants (real people) loose their pride, their family, their relationships, cars, their homes, their health and more.

    Today we received a call from a lovely lady who read this article.

    In 2009 she was working in a long term facility, lifting a patient back into bed after they fell onto the floor. In the process this health care worker broke her wrist. The short, WSIB paid benefits, but then proceeded to halved her benefits. Since 2009, she has tried to have them increase because to their original level without success.

    Since 2009 she was forced to give up her car because she could not afford it and the bank repossessed her home and more.

    Her story is like many who have written here and on other such sites.

    There is truth to these stories and the very people who represent us called Members of Parliament need to get involved. It needs to be about people versus WSIB debt reduction.

    I wish I could do more than simply write this story about whats happening. I believe its about speaking up for peoples rights and through this, hopefully someone, somewhere with the power to bring change will step up to the plate.

    Yours Sincerely,

  19. Tim Milberry says:

    WE are bringing in 25,000 refugees with open arms, but yet we have injured workers living on the streets in Canada because of work place injuries what country do the injured workers look to for help ? they are refugees right here in Canada they have no place to live maybe a country with a warmer climate so they don’t freeze to death they are no longer tax payers so we might better ship them out? the new refugees will be able to work and pay taxes, just not sure what country will take our injured workers they are of no use anymore to Canada in Canada injured workers are just kicked to the curb like garbage only difference is we will pic up the garbage? but leave the injured worker to fend for himself? if given the choice what would you be injured worker or refugee? we will look after the refugee

  20. Larry Stuck says:

    WSIB used to be WCB (Workman’s Compensation Board. At least they had a facility which would assess tour injury. Now they lie, withhold information from medical community. And deny claims for preexisting conditions. This from one who was injuried @ 35 & forced to live on CPP Disability. P.S. Used to be employed as a government auditor of Ontario.

  21. Questo says:

    The way to end some off issues with WSIB, at least with some corrupted doctors work for them, as the same for auto insurance too.

    I know someone at one point on his life had a car accident, a rear end collision, on his way to work, morning time, was stop it at traffic light, boom . He went into big health problems caused by the dude which read end his vehicle. Left him with a broken neck, spine bones, and lower left leg.

    Some auto insurance chosen doctors, lied, fake, and made all source of opinions, in favor of the auto insurance. The injured was told he will not get anything because he was falling between the system holes, by one insurance investigators on his home.

    Then later was a abused by the discovery insurance lawyer. The injured person in front of his lawyer asked the discovery insurance lawyer to leave the room in the middle of the discovery issue, he was in violation of the privacy act and human rights code. The only strong thing his lawyer agree with.

    He was at risk of losing his home, which he work for to pay that off, was on about 17 years, it was almost paid off. His job was already gone, his employee, fire him on the issue of car accident bases, no other ones, convenient hum?

    It was really though for this family, his wife was injured long ago at her work place, and leaved, and still on the misery WSIB month check, its less then $600 D per month. on the other hand Mr. crook Marshall gets his $400.000.00 bonus, what else does he get?

    At that time two kids were in college, one continue, and the other stop it, to help the family in their economic, upheaval. His lawyer, at the start of the case promised all sources of fantasies. That of course was in the monetary issue, in a short time couldn’t delivery.

    Things were really bad, for this family. Auto insurance doctors were all getting paid on all sources of health evaluations, based on opinions from one into another, was like children play game. The poker wizards.

    That was included Ontario high level ones, here: one psychiatrician, one orthopaedist and one neurologist, these are well known doctors, famous alright. May God bless one day their revoked PHD’s. These and others on this case were confronted with video cameras on record and runaway from it. You may know why?

    These were the top scam of the pyramid of 34 doctors installed by the auto insurance to basically give a card, have a good time with your injuries gentleman.

    His lawyer were discovered wearing two cloths at the same time, one for his defence and one behind his back in favor of the auto insurance.
    It seems the one pays the most is the master. This case log on for 4,1/2 years. It was no light the end of the tunnel, all his economies for the rainy day were gone, those out there are in this situation known what I am expressing.

    Now some people out of no where, offered help into this case, because his lawyer was in the way to give up the case, but want the fees to be paid. Was offer already counselling on the sale his home, to get this fees, and have already the buyer, a Chinese, that trigger the spark.
    Now be aware of this scam.

    The injured place home location was and still a very attractive place, close the half a million, and were offered a peanuts bag.

    Here is the interesting part:

    The people offer to help contact the right people at the right places, and search was performed in all doctors in this case. More then half of them had and still have enormous lawsuit cases against them, for negligence, malpractice, fakery and lying, same to them were on trial, and were found guilty, including the ones I just mention above.

    Millions of dollars, some lawsuit cases were settle, but their PHD’s were never revoked. They were allowed to continue to destroy peoples lives, whatever the way they fell like it.

    All the ongoing lawsuit cases including the ones already settle, were put into a file. His lawyer set a court trial for this case, but advise him, he may not win this case, hope was no way. But the offer to sale his home was on the table, that’s right, what was the motto?

    Money money. The great trap they set on them selves.

    He pick all theses cases, 3 days before the court hearings, plus some other interesting ones and drop that on his lawyer’s desk and said, I am calling the CBC TV station, and expose all of it. Then panic start, screams, felling bad, all hell broke lose.

    Telephones start to ring really fast, he was treat not allowed to leave the lawyers office, which he did, also said I will call the coops.

    His telephone was none stop, in two hours, the auto insurance start to offer him all source of amounts and packages, settlements, and the next day everything was settle, including his employer, paid a government fine and settlement too. He won the 3 cases altogether, employer, his auto insurance, and the lawsuit against the driver, which rear ended his vehicle big time. One of his children which stop his college was also awarded his settlement to.

    This person have all documents on file, looks like no end paper lies into cardboard boxes, its like diving into the unknown world, he call these boxes the nightmare issue. his thinking in published as a book to informed people of the scams we sometimes go true for no reason, only to serve the corrupted ones.

    My friends out there, with the technology today nothing can be hide, some was in used in real time, and was great.
    when you can grape the bull by his horns, no mater how strong and heavy it is, it will fall right on front of your eyes.

    Don’t be afraid, if you really are injured, fight for, use all you can, sometimes isn’t the hard thing which makes the difference, its caught those which are gurus of bad faith with their paints down.

    Corruption is a bad seed, and is in all levels of government, public and private agencies, depend on all of us to disclose that, once done, its over.

  22. Paul says:

    22 yearsnas dedicated employee with impeccable service record. Diagnosed by Not 1 but 3 doctors whom are professionals in the field of my injury. During treatment against Doctors orders I was ordered by the city management and human resources to return 200 Km so they could terminate me regardless of diagnosis. They then months later had me return to stand in front of council while each raised their sweaty palms in agreement. I then returned to treatment without a salary or any medical coverage. Not more then 10 minutes into trial I was reinstated as they were convicted of unlawful termination. An award was offered if I kept my mouth shut. Now 4 years pass and my WSIB case worker calls out of the blue to explain I was ready to return to work. I new all my physicians disagreed but I was abruptly cut off and told they did not care. CAMH has changed the diagnosis and If I did not agree to return I would be cut off
    of all financial aid. After further investigation I discovered CAMH had ”mistakenly” utilized the wrong case study of a employee from another city in a different field of employment. All this in hopes Iwould of agreed and the finances saved for my treatment would have become part of the slush fund and I with nothing as I was denied return to my original job would of been found more likely in my basement without vital signs.

  23. Questo says:

    Thanks Paul, for expressing the wrong doing of the WSIB also the CAMH.

    More people should came forward with their issues regarding WSIB and CAMH, exposing them, will make a big difference. You clearly show how efficient are these orgs; nothing but an infestation of crooks in our society.

    The Ontario liberals apparently became the front line puppets, of the puppet-theater called government and their cronies, voted by minority of the people and called them selves the majority. It should be mandatory, country wide and Provinces wide, if over 51% of the people refuse to vote, no government should be installed. That is also the democratic way of people doing in a discounted manner. Apparently that hasn’t been and still in consideration, when majority refused to be under the so called intifada of corruption. But been subjugated, under a minority rule isn’t the answer, been forced to pay for all insane tax apparatus, under the cover of all false protections, only under a technocratic society (facism) this scams can happen.

    Its apparent the Canadian people need a major wakeup, country wide and provinces wide too, in order to turn this puppet-theater around in all fronts.

  24. Deb Sulkowski says:

    My is Debl got injured on the job in 2014 l had rotator cuff surgery and 2016 had Tommy John Surgery all related from fall causing my elbow to popped and lock up in February WSIB Been sending me by taxt 3 days a week to train me back to work just finished now have to volunteer til May at placement they found for me to go meantime denied any physio have to wear a cast on right arm from surgeries now my left shoulder might have surgery due to over use if l don’t volunteer they cut me off l sent appeal to receive physio to recover just don’t understand WSIB

  25. andrew says:

    ive been dealing with wsib for over a year and there is nothing that is getting accomplished. I had an injury of getting blown off a ladder to break my 2nd,3rd,4th, toe and crack my pinky only for my injury to keep rising up my body affecting a ciadic nerve, and now altered gate from me walking. I have been givng them every part of information to them aswell as do extra steps to show I want to get back into physical work, but my transition ladies that get switched evry 6 months haven’t been through out the switching. they have affected a debt to the tribuneral and they are refusing to pay it. this is starting to affect me mentally amd physical. I have a home, baby on the way due anytime, 5 year old andgetting to the point of not knowing what to do. ive paid money on lawyers to sit for half hour which costed me 125.00$ and no one will take a case against them. I hope the will help thanks for taking your time to read

  26. BRIEN WELWOOD says:

    The new Transition Specialists from WSIB are inserted to move injured workers into a new occupation. If the worker fails at the new occupation, it becomes the fault the business or the employee.
    Injured workers must ensure they have an agreement in place to look after the period AFTER the transition. What if they fail at the new occupation and in particular, what will their insurance WSIB be paying them from that point on until age 65.
    Get it in writing.

  27. Darby Dunn says:

    I have been a victim of this criminal behaviour of WSIB suffered head injury 1992 hit by a 200 pound para bus ramp denied claim 1993 appealed approved 1995 suffered suicidal thoughts related to the head injury . Denied benefits again for suicidal thoughts related to the head injury and adjustment to a work accommodation and behavioral problems related to my head injury in 2012. Was arrested for suicidal thoughts and trespass notice with picture posted at all municipal property and employees to instructed to call police if I tried to enter any municipal property including parking lots. living on a reduced OMERS disability pension and CPPD and moved out of the city of Sault Ste. Marie and denied benefits from WSIB able to return to work with on restrictions for psychological injury.

    • Janet says:

      My daughter injured herself at her retail job. My daughter has learning disabilities and is on ODSP. Her manager had her sign a return to modified work form right after she fell and hurt her ankle. She had not even been to see a doctor/hospital when she signed this form. My daughter is very respectful of authority and signed the form. They also told her she may as well stay until the end of her shift so she would be paid. I picked her up at work where she was in a wheelchair because her ankle was so swollen she could not walk. I took her to the local hospital where the doctor on call filled out the WSIB form and put on one line that she couldn’t return to work for 3-7 days and put on the next line she could do modified work. My daughters job is 90% walking. She had to go back the next day for x-rays. Her employer started the very next day about her returning to a modified work schedule immediately. She ended up missing 2 weeks of work which she could not afford to do. Her WSIB claim was denied because she had signed the form less than one hour after she fell. According to WSIB, her big box American owned employer bent over backwards to “accommodate” her. They did. They even offered to get her to work as she does not drive. Unfortunately, we did not know that she had signed this form and she didn’t remember. It didn’t matter that her own doctor filled out WSIB forms when she saw him at his office that she was NOT to return to work even on modified duties. She ended up with a severe sprain and torn tendons and was on heavy painkillers for well over one week. I personally feel that what her employer did was very unethical. We sent all the original medical receipts in only to receive a letter one month later that she was missing one receipt. NO, she was not. Every original was sent in. When I called the pharmacist to find out about getting another original receipt, I was told that this happens quite often. Really? Why make it so difficult. I guess we are naive people. What a way to operate something that was started out to help workers.

  28. Charles says:


    Words can’t describe how much it angers me to read all these stories. I was a 5th term electrical apprentice who got crushed by a stack of drywall, which shattered a section of my knee. While going going through the process of fixing my knee, (three surgeries), I was told a few weeks after my first surgery that I was fit to return to work, which I clearly wasn’t, so they decided to cut off my pay and call me a liar. Considering I had two more surgeries after the first one clearly I wasn’t lying. Anyways, due to the financial strain I lost my home, the girlfriend I shared it with, and suffered with anxiety and depression issues for a long time. I hired a lawyer and got them to give me my back pay, but I had to give 30 percent to my lawyer, and I received nothing for my pain and suffering from their stupid decision. Even the contractor I worked for turned their back on me with the bullying and pressure methods. This is proof alone that our government doesn’t care about any of us at all. Today my knee is still messed up, and I’ll get nothing for that even though it’s a permenant impairment.

  29. Questo says:

    Hi Charles, hope you fell better on your injuries, its hard when accidents happens to us humans, in special in the work place, no one seems to care. The Government propaganda about protection of workers its only a back door for them to make money, charging companies with fines, but letting injured workers on their own.
    Our Ontario government is the worse kind ever happen in this Province.

    Any injured worker with permanent injuries will have to be awarded financial according with the physical damage done. What exactly is your lawyer doing wrong? If he can’t delivery call the CBC tell your story to them make sure goes public. Some lawyers are pimps of WSIB and some Auto insurance companies too, they want both sides to pay them, became mediators instead of lawyers, defending clients cases with honesty.

    In some lawyers offices fridges are felled with buzz, you wonder why?
    How can a place of work be allowed to have buzz ? Anyone gets caught drinking on his/or her job or having buzz in the construction site or manufacturing, will be fired on the spot, why lawyers having this getting away. Their offices should have surprised frequent visits from the MOL, some of them will lose their law licenses, and they deserve it.

    Just make sure your lawyer isn’t one of these ones with his fridge felled with buzz, you know what I mean.

    Hope you get the right help for your injuries and financial support, good luck Charles.

    • patti mitten says:

      I have been fighting WSIB for 6 and a half years. It took the WSIAT almost a year to make their decision. They turned me down stating I had no evidence to show that my injury was not resolved. They stated that a letter dated Dec.22nd, 2011 that my case manager at the time, Michelle Kennedy said that I had recovered from my slip and fall from January 30. 2011. This is a false statement where I have evidence to show that my doctor has stated that I am unable to work. I was refused more physio therapy and massage therapy. I was demoted from my position from my employer and was made to do duties that they knew I wasnt suppose to do as it would cause more damage to my neck and left side of my body. The Vice chairman agreed with their decision and did not even look at the evidence that showed i did not recover and had to file ODSP because I was denied benefits.
      I did not get a lawyer as I was told it wouldnt benefit them so they refused to take my case. I did all the paper work myself and went to the Tribunal with some support. The employer did not participate and now I am denied my NEL and my LOE benefits. There was a report from their own physio therapist who claimed I did not try hard enough to do the tasks that was asked. I was not allowed any medication for pain. I suffered in extreme pain for two days after their tests. They also stated I could only work 33% which means 1.5 days a week or less. I had evidence showing that I have a pain specialist actually 2 who give me injections in my skull, neck and shoulder due to severe chronic pain. I struggle with everyday living and yet I am denied. I am trying to figure out a way I can appeal this decision but I am fearful that I will not be able too.
      The manager at the time lied about my position as the manager who did hire and promoted me no longer worked there. She told me I was too much of a risk and if I didnt do what I was told to do, they would make it that I would have to quit. I left many nights crying in pain until my doctor had enough and took me off work permanently. Again, I was denied therapy and council ling to deal with my pain and suffering. It has caused major issues for both my children and spouse as they see me suffering and no one is helping me get what I need and especially financially.I worked for 26 years and now I am on ODSP who also agrees that I should be on WSIB not the government.
      I am depressed as I too had to give up everything because of my loss of income. Also the loss of self esteem as I am unable to work due to this injury. If anyone can tell me where I can go to get help please try to get in touch with me…I will also try my best to help where I can…

  30. Darren MacKay says:

    Many Veterans and Injured Workers in Canada are going Bankrupt, in Poverty, On Social Assistance and Denied Medical Care- Some unfortuantely, end up in Jail, or Commit Suicide and Murder.
    Repsonse from the Federal Government’s MP Colin Fraser is that it is a Provincial Matter- but they are going to make a Committment to VETERANS.

    The Workers Comp Systems benefit WCB/WSIB EMPLOYEES, Employers, Lawyers, Government and least of all the Injured Workers.

    WCB/WSIB was Created by the Federal Government – which they Forfeited Injured Workers Rights to Sue Employers, for Compensation and Medical Care for their injuries.

    What was once the “Meredith Principles” which the WCB/WSIB were based on (in Canada), now reads like a Chapter of “Animal Farm”.
    Basic Laws (IE: Thin Skull Rule) have been stripped from the Injured Workers, and Government has bestowed the Rights of Injured Workers, upon themselves- for which they Fine and Sue Employers for their Profit.…

    WCB/WSIB use their own Medical Advisors and Staff, – (some who have no expertise in the field of Medicine or Law) to Deny Claims and Downplay Injuries, to FORCE Injured Workers Back to Work- which in many cases is against their Family Doctors and Independent Specialist’s Advice
    “A November report by the Ontario Federation of Labour and advocacy groups alleged the board was systematically disregarding the advice of injured workers’ own physicians in favour of so-called “paper doctors” — physicians who review medical evidence on a workers’ file without even meeting them. ”…/wsib-stands-by-use-of-paper-docto…

    Some Injured Workers experience Additonal Injuries through their dealing with the WCB/WSIB. WCB/WSIB avoid paying benefits to Injured Workers, by saying there is suitable work available, yet- this does not employ Injured Workers; nor, does it pay the bills. WCB/WSIB considers an Injured Workers Income for benefits- and takes into account, that if they were not working prior to their injury, they should not be entitled to income.

    WCB/WSIB Employees get Big Bonuses to Lower Claims, for the Employers- and Employers get Lower Experience Ratings or Premiums, and Rebated from Investments made by the WCB/WSIB with their Premiums, whom are the Sole Shareholders- In this Non Profit Organization.

    Most Workers whom are Permanently Disabled or Injured fight Appeals, for years with WCB/WSIB and most often they do not come. Many other Disabled and Injured Workers’ give up because the Appeals are Long, and Exhaustive and they do not get Proper and Adequate Representation for their Relentless Appeals.

    The Workers’ Con Boards have FAILED MANY Permanently and Disabled Injured Workers and Veterans around the World. There are many Permanently Disabled and Injured Workers and Veterans looking for Justice!

    MPP Colin Fraser, was recently on the Radio Y-95 – Talk Show -“The Weekender” (Jan/22/17), but would not address these issues (and I was disconnect TWICE and could not fully present all of this information)- and he had suggested that I contact him in person; to Discuss my Personal Issues-However- this should be a PUBLIC MATTER!

    Many of these things I talk about like Lost Wages/ Health Care and Benefits for Injured Workers was supposed to be coved by Employers and the Premiums they pay – Under the WCB/WSIB SCHEME-and the “Meredith Principals- ” NOT THE PUBLIC”! The “Meredith Principles” stated Injured Workers’ should not be a Burden on Society; nor, their family.

    Every Disabled and Injured Worker, whom is on Social Assistance, or Disability Pensions, or receives Health Care/Medical Attention and Medication and is not able to work from their Work Related Injuries; if it is not being coved by WCB/WSIB;- as it is supposed to be Covered by the W.C.B./W.S.I.B through Employer Premiums Paid is “FRAUD UPON the PUBLIC” . That was the “Historic Compromise” the Federal Government Legislated through “The Meredith Report” which WCB/WSIB was Created. Yet; sadly many Permanently and Disabled Injured Workers, are being Mistreated and Denied Benefits and Medical Care through a BIAS and CORRUPT SYSTEM!

    Legislative Assembly of Ontario – July 5, 2012

    “I also have here, under the Detrimental Reliance Act, estoppel, and I believe you are in the law department, sir? Yes. I think you will understand where I am coming from here. The meaning of estoppel is assertion of facts on which another relies, assumption of position, which if not maintained, will result in injustice to another, concealment of facts. Now it is obvious here today what Mr. Gillis had told you, on February 17, 1998, the final appeal was put through and the three member Nova Scotia Appeal Court threw it back to the compensation board and told them to pay the chronic pain. This is on February 17, 1998. On February 26, 1998, this gentleman was told that there was no chronic pain. Do you understand where I am getting here with the dates? This man was misrepresented. He was misled and there was an unjust done to this man, not only to him but to other injured workers who went to these ADR hearings. What you have to understand is that you put yourself in the position of an injured worker. Now you gentlemen come to this side. Come live with an injured worker for a day and see what he goes through. You have a gun to your head when you go into these ADR hearings. ”

    “It is like a gentleman told me, he said it is like taking a rubber tube or a dinghy and putting it on the government wharf and having three holes in it. They are telling you to go and swim to the Joey Smallwood. If you make it to the Joey Smallwood with that rubber dinghy with the holes in it, then we will give you what you deserve but if you don’t want to take that chance, we will give you what we think we are going to give you. Do you think that is fair to the injured worker of Nova Scotia, especially when the banks are phoning. There are people in the institutions here, they are under that much distress and duress, it is unreal. Like the kids don’t have rubber boots to go to school with in the winter time. They go home, all they eat is Kraft Dinner and hot dogs. I mean do you think they deserve this? They do not deserve this and hopefully, gentlemen, that you people, actually I am begging here today on behalf of the injured workers of Cape Breton and of Nova Scotia, that you do something to help the injured workers. This is our last shot and our last hope, is you people. “……/…/…
    Legislative Assembly of Ontario:

    “The Canada pension plan was never meant to be a disability system, but injured workers apply for CPP disability because they have a three- or four-year wait before they can get an adverse decision overturned. Other agencies now have to bear the costs—taxpayers bear the costs—of these workplace injuries instead of having the employers, who are supposed to be paying these costs, paying them. So the taxpayers pay them.”…/…/…

    Some Permanently Injured and Disabled Workers do not appy for a Disability Pension as they are under the False Pretence by the WCB/WSIB that they will receive Workers Compensation Benefits- when after years of Appeals they are Denied these Just Benefits and the time has expired to apply for Canada Disability Pensions.

    Colin Fraser has said the Provincial Governments and Federal Governments should work together- However; that was not his response to me during his On Air Interview. Colin Fraser, had shifted it to the Provincial Governments Responsibility. Yet; it was the Federal Government whom created WCB/WSIB and called it a “Seperate Entity”.

    The Federal Government had given WCB/WSIB “Exclusive Jurisdiction”, which means, In civil procedure, exclusive jurisdiction exists where one court has the power to adjudicate a case to the exclusion of all other courts. It is the opposite situation from concurrent jurisdiction (or non exclusive jurisdiction), in which more than one court may take jurisdiction over the case.

    The Federal Government, has let the Provinces Change the Legislation Dramatically to benefit Employers, Government, Lawyers, and Least of all the Injured Workers!

    These Issues have been discussed/debated and many studies have shown that the Injured Workers are not treated fairly!…/co…/committee_hansard/C18/wc980901

    As was said in “The Meredith Report”:

    “In these days of social and industrial unrest it is, in my judgment, of the gravest importance to the community that every proved injustice to any section or class resulting from bad or unfair laws should be promptly removed by the enactment of remedial legislation and I do not doubt that the country whose Legislature is quick to discern and prompt to remove injustice will enjoy, and that deservedly, the blessing of industrial peace and freedom from social unrest. Half measures which mitigate but do not remove injustice are, in my judgment, to be avoided. That the existing law inflicts injustice on the workingman is admitted by all. From that injustice he has long suffered, and it would, in my judgment, be the gravest mistake if questions as to the scope and character of the proposed remedial legislation were to be determined, not by a consideration of what is just to the workingman, but of what is the least he can be put off with; or if the Legislature were to be deterred from passing a law designed to do full justice owing to groundless fears that disaster to the industries of the Province would follow from the enactment of it. ”
    All of which is respectfully submitted. W.R. MEREDITH, Commissioner.
    Dated at Osgoode Hall, Toronto, the 31st day of October, 1913.…
    ACCOUNTABILITY And FAIRNESS should be ADDRESSED at the TOP- Would you not agree?

  31. christopher says:

    Yes I was denied and immediately put on ODSP there is something crooked going on with them and I’ve never been more depressed in my life 59 years old and nothing to look forward to then they go bankrupt and I have a lawsuit that can’t go anyway don’t have two nickels to rub together anymore

  32. L Sacco says:

    I have been at the Tribunal level several times now, my main problem is because I wanted to work, and I told the Tribunal that and they are holding that against me. Paying me only part time. And this without having a updated Functional Abilities Evaluation. Don’t say I want to work ask for a FAE. And yes they are denying workers. But in 2014 at the Tribunal the desk clerk and lawyer ( for which side not sure) they were talking about the new denials. Good Luck don’t give up.

  33. Chris Lawson says:

    Time to resurrect an old post.

    My name is Chris Lawson and I currently reside in Thunder Bay Ontario. In 2015, at 32 years of age, I was involved in a workplace accident that landed me with as fractured spine, dislocated ribs and due to the lack of medical intervention on WSIBs part I have developed Thoracic Outlet Syndrome and chronic pain.
    It took nearly two months to get a CT scan back that showed the fracture, up till that point I was told I had a pulled muscle and was refused pain medication due to the opioid epidemic, at which point WSIB said my fracture should be heald by now. (Pain, lack of sleep and the phone ringing off the hook by WSIB, lawyer,union,employer nonstop. How does anyone received very without sleep?)

    The WSIB listened to my primary care giver up until they disagreed with his diagnosis. WSIB demanded I signed a form stating I was in preinjury condition,despite medical evidence proving quite the opposite, and when I refused to sign WSIB dismissed me and discontinued benefits.

    I have now been in a battle with WSIB for over 4 years, only thanks to my union providing the lawyer, God Bless them . Fair Practice is involved and have said, “There are too many inconsistencies within the decision making of the WSIB reps.” Fair Practice also told me they have no doubt I will win my case, it is just a matter of when.

    I fail to see how WSIB can replace a primary care givers report with a paper Dr.’s report, someone on WSIB payroll that never meets the injured worker. WSIB even recanted on sending me to see their specialist after I agreed to do so, this was a waste of another 4-5 months.

    I was told by multiple Dr.s in town that I will never be able to return to physical labour and instead be focused on retraining for an office position. It has been many Dr.’s medical opinion, can not prove or disprove, that the lack of medical intervention has cause my now chronic pain.

    When I approached WSIB about the retraining I was laughed at and dismissed. I have since qualified, as an ideal candidate, for the second career program designed to retrain workers for the workforce.

    I fail to see how I can be an ideal candidate for a tax-payer funded program and be dismissed by WSIB, whose purpose is to get injured workers back to work.

    It has been 4 years of constant pain and paying for treatments out of pocket… No GoFundMe account or Facebook page is going to address the main issue that WSIB is not doing their job. Due to the fact that WSIB appreas to be outside the court system, you end up playing the ladder game with Operations department and the Appeals Bord for years.

    It takes 3-6 months to send a letter get their decision sent back and then reply again…. The system is setup to keep a healthy person chasing thier tails so how is an injured worker supposed to have the stamina to do so.

    Nobody at WSIB will meet face to face, I have to wait for the tribunal, after 4 years the date is still unknown.

    Long and short there are far too many systemic issues with WSIB to be ignored.

  34. Michael says:

    This is Gold on how W.S.I.B. is crooked as hell. I was injured at work due to negligence on the part of my employer, ended up getting hurt really bad. Went through many painful surgeries and procedures and so forth long story short I had to go for an assessment for a N.E.L
    Award, so they sent me a list of their doctors and I chose one went to see him for the assessment and received a high percentage, then I was informed by wsib that his assessment they felt was unacceptable ( remember this is their own doctor from the list) so I was informed I had to go back for another assessment to see a doctor they chose, and this time I was assessed at an extremely low…. I’m talking single digit percentage even though every doctor and specialist I had seen sent them reports and exrays of the severity of my injury and damages to my spine….I was told I could appeal the decision and when I did I received a letter basically that I was denied again again with no reason why…. Crooked Absolutely!

  35. Leigh says:

    My WIAST case took 14 years to settle! My lawyer was lazy and kept telling me I had a big red X on my file. I was brain injured but so long ago the scan several years after my accident showed nothing and my physical repetitive injuries were denied on fibromyalgia. Having post concussion syndrome and leaky gut from the trauma I was suicidal most of the time, lost everything even my telephone for a couple of years. Don’t give Up!! My question is, how long does the average long term disability case take to settle?

  36. Robert Tambeau says:

    I was electrocuted at work 7yrs ago.So l put a claim in with WSIB.l did all of the doctor appointments. Went to all the hospitals apps etc.They still told me to go back to work.Even though I would driving heavy machinery.I win my case they give me money.They change their minds.Their doctors tell them I’m disabled.They give small portions of monies ,they say for life , then they change their minds.Now I have cancer.This is Canada.

  37. Darby Dunn says:

    I have been a forced to retire early do to a work related head injury, WSIB refused the fact I was bullied and harassed by my employer after an agreement with HRTO to accommodate restrictions. Employer accusations regarding what they believed was a personality impairment rather then a cognitive impairment coursed by the work accident 27 years ago. In 2012 left work and never return tried claiming mental stress due to mobbing by employer and co-workers refused benefits even tough earlier excepting I had a psychological injury related to the head injury. It is my position that because of the head injury and refusal of WSIB to follow the recommendations of the first psychologist report I needed stress reduction therapy before returning to work in 1995 because of a mild traumatic brain injury. A few years after my retirement was sent to Sunnybrook for a 4th Neuro psychological, MRI and SPECT scan a working diagnosis of multi-factorial cognitive impairment related to mild traumatic brain injury was given because they found lesions and intraventricular hemorrhage. Started appeal with WSIAT 2013 a few days after ARO decision still waiting for a decision after 3 years of hearings final one was April 2019.

  38. Doug Wilkinson says:

    Very very sad! I put a claim in for a damaged rotator cuff in August 2019 after an accident in June 2019. The incident report was filed (I was a volunteer firefighter). The claim was refused because I returned to work and took too long to seek medical attention. I had been through the same injury on the other shoulder so was hoping this one wasn’t as bad but it wasn’t improving.

    To seek medical assistance in Muskoka takes four to six hours and an 85 km round trip. ER asked ‘what’s your emergency?’ I told them I can’t sleep and or work because of the pain. They order a ultrasound 10 days later and I booked appointment at my physician for seven weeks later, with the promise that if there is anything significant she would make an earlier appointment. Well, that didn’t happen and when the seven weeks passed, she told me I had a torn tendon and asked me why the hospital didn’t call me.

    WTF? She then promised to send the report and explanation to WSIB seeing as they had now refused the claim. It’s now December 2019 and I’m sitting in pain. The doctor prescribed T3s, but they are hard on my bowel movements so aren’t always worth it. I still show up and do what I can for fire calls because we don’t have fire fighters responding. My doctor doesn’t think I should. Tell that to the people trapped in a rollover on Highway 400; or the cardiac arrest victim; or the rattlesnake bite victim who is a 45-minute boat ride away. And I’m the only available boat driver.

    I even asked WSIB to only give the medical treatment through its Wellesley clinic and offer me no financial compensation other than to cover the doctor and therapy expenses. They still refuse. I talked to HR at Georgian Bay Township about getting medical treatment and I told her that I’m over 65 and we get a page out so as firefighters we go from 0 to 60 with 0 warm up.

    I explained that every time I feel some kind of sprain or strain whether these should be reported and if I should seek medical help and she said no those are just normal strains to be expected which is my point but some are so thick they don’t see the argument. My DC said in August I probably wouldn’t be covered by WSIB because he had a similar injury falling in the parking lot responding to a call and waited to see if it healed itself but it only got worse.

    We are trained first responders. Ambulances have a 40 minute wait time in Honey Harbour. We have to treat and diagnose patients but can’t diagnose ourselves. I’m now on my final appeal which can take a long time. I have not received any further treatment from my own doctor. This is a pretty sad system and even worse given that I respond to make sure others get help and the WSIB doesn’t care and even the township hasn’t helped in any way. So WSIB is just a misused tax. So uninjured people can get paid $2M a year and $400,000 bonuses. This is a serious public problem.

  39. Journeyman plumber and gasfitter (b) says:


    WCB has lied to us, they don’t cover any injuries from my experience. After 13 years in the plumbing and gas fitting trade and 10/10 WCB claims denied for me, I have decided to quit the trades, to pursue a career in art. Every time WCB denies your injury claim, you will be forced to go back to work injured and continue doing the same work that caused your injury. I have tried to continue working through the extreme back pain, but now I can barely stand or walk.

    My last company had a “safety” person on site, whose job is to downplay your injuries and prevent you from going to the hospital and making WCB claims. So it is plain to see that WCB’s only purpose is to prevent injured employees from being able to sue the companies that caused their injury. This is the opposite of what WCB is supposed to do. I had one instance where I was denied for an injury resulting from carrying 100 lb pipes for 3-to-5 kilometres a day. And WCB said I must have slept funny and denied me, LOL!

    So, being that we are injuring ourselves so a company can get rich while we receive no help to recover and are being condemned to spend the rest of our lives in agony, what is the point in working any physical job in Alberta?

    There is no point… heed my words, apprentices and young people thinking of joining the trades: RUN AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN! Your own health is more important than your worthless companies’ profits. Don’t ever think that the trades are long term careers, because they are nothing more than a source of short term income in exchange for a lifetime of pain and suffering.

    Canada’s shortage of skilled trades people is well deserved. The trades promote an atmosphere of disrespect. Lack of unions mean that you have no rights as an employee and your company is free do as they please and treat you like a worthless piece of garbage. As a new apprentice you can expect to be belittled, called names and treated with complete disrespect. I have worked at numerous companies and have found this to be the reality at all of them.

    Also, expect to lose your job multiple times during your apprenticeship, as when the work slows down you will be the first to go. So be prepared to constantly be on EI, looking for a job.

    I have lost all faith in WCB, Alberta health care, and the trades, as well as the government of Alberta for allowing these problems to continue for so many years.

    Joining the trades was the biggest mistake of my life. Don’t make the same mistake that I did. The trades should be viewed as last resort, not a first choice. The trades are not a career.

    After 35 years in Alberta, born and raised. I have now moved to B.C.

    Thanks, WCB.

    Have fun, Alberta 😉

  40. Serge Larocque says:

    It’s been a 12 years battle for me, I lost everything and everyone I cared about and now divorced living in poverty, homeless for a while now Living in a rooming house, finally last year I won my appeals and had my hearing in November 2020 which I finally won. During the hearing they admitted that they neglected many documents that I provided to them. But the WSIB is not responsible for the mentals and financial
    problems and dammages they cause has they make there own rules and legislations and there is no one to monitor them. But then they give themself big bonuses and live in luxury and playing golf while denying your claim. Someone has to do something about that. To regulates and overseeing the WSIB. It’s now mid August 2021 and still nothing.

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