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November 13, 2013  

The value-add: Help clients understand ways to finance home renovations

I’m sure you’ve all been there. A client asks

November 4, 2013  

Protecting cash flow

Learning to manage cash flow is one of the

May 7, 2013  

VIDEO: What contractors earn – Outrank Salary Survey

Almost a quarter of all renovation contractors who responded to our survey are making six figures.

May 2, 2013  

Home inspection: a new revenue stream for you?

Home Inspection is a growing industry for which renovators are well suited

December 3, 2012  

What will it take to beat the cash economy?

With the punitive costs of HST/GST, income, corporate and payroll taxes, workers comp payments and insurance, it seems like there’s an epidemic of contractors working for cash. Can you compete with them? Or should you join them?

September 24, 2012  

Getting paid

As a contractor, you work way, way too hard to let yourself get stiffed for money you have fairly earned. A primer on the ins and outs of collecting what you’re due.

August 7, 2012  

Jump start your reno business with seminars in Vancouver, Calgary and Winnipeg

Are you ready for your renovation business to deliver

March 30, 2012  

Keep this link

A free monthly report on new home building supplied by CMHC for your market.

January 20, 2012  

What friends are NOT for

It’s good to be friends, but better to take care of business.

November 9, 2011  

CMHC Housing Report Q4, 2011

It looks like Canada won’t hit 200,000 starts this year,