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January 29, 2014  

Can you guess the top 5 renovation projects (in terms of returned value upon resale)?

A simple entry door replacement on an American home will return almost every penny it cost the homeowner, upon resale. Can you guess some of the other top 5 projects, as surveyed by Remodeling magazine?

January 10, 2014  

Pin it to win it: Pinterest offers your reno firm a creative way to get new clients

Pinterest, the online scrapbooking site, has more than 70 million users. Lowe’s is using it extensively to promote its products. As a professional renovator, you should check it out.

December 4, 2013  

Networking – not a dirty word but a great way to market your reno business

Networking is not about handshaking or cocktail parties, it’s anything you can do to meet new people and get word-of-mouth referrals.

November 27, 2013  

Why renovators can pick up so much business from community newspapers

You’d be hard pressed to find another advertising medium that reaches 75 per cent of your potential clients.

November 20, 2013  

Renovantage’s Mike Draper on turning leads into customers

“Never email a quotation,” Draper counsels. “Always visit with the client to go over the details so that you can make adjustments to include or exclude changes the customer wants to see.

November 20, 2013  

Getting a website? Forget .COM. How about .BUILD, specifically created for the construction industry

If you don’t have a website yet – or

November 14, 2013  

What women want, and why you should care

You may be negotiating with the man of the

November 13, 2013  

The value-add: Help clients understand ways to finance home renovations

I’m sure you’ve all been there. A client asks

November 13, 2013  

How to sell, sell, sell your renovations expertise year round

Winter’s coming and you may be up to your

November 4, 2013  

Protecting cash flow

Learning to manage cash flow is one of the

October 30, 2013  

Is your crew undermining your reputation as a contractor?

“I watched as a crew showed up the day after Canada Day to spend four hours sitting on the front porch, drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes.”

October 25, 2013  

Promoting your contracting business via Facebook

Have you been avoiding Facebook because you think it’s just for kids? Think again. There are more users over the age of 40, including men, on Facebook than there are teenagers. It’s an excellent medium to promote your reno services.

October 9, 2013  

VIDEO: Flip School's Ian Szabo talks about keeping a positive mindset when renovating

Keeping your cool under pressure in this crazy business of renovating houses is a matter of learning to “hit the reset button” in your own head, Ian Szabo advises.

October 8, 2013  

Boost your reno sales without sounding like a car salesman

It’s important to understand that people only do renovations because they have pain. While your client is explaining to you what they want done, your job is to find the real “pain point.” Is your prospective client embarrassed by the poor condition of their residence? Have they promised an upgrade in living space to their spouse?

August 6, 2013  

Coaches' Corner VIDEO: Solving problems with the homeowner, Part 1

In our latest Coaches Corner video (here), Mike Draper

July 22, 2013  

Managing your online reputation: VIDEO interview Part 2 with Brian Sharwood, HomeStars

You are online whether you want to be or not. You need to manage what is being said about you and your company.

July 16, 2013  

How to manage your online reputation: Interview with Brian Sharwood, HomeStars

It’s a listing you never asked for and don’t want and there are bad reviews from angry customers attached. What can you do? HomeStars president Brian Sharwood tells us why the listing is there and how to protect your reputation.

June 25, 2013  

E-newsletters for renovators: Five keys to success

Newsletter marketing is a great way for renovation contractors to add new customers.