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September 17, 2012  

"Aging in place" a new buzzword for accessibility renos

The most recent issue of Canadian Contractor featured a

September 14, 2012  

What homeowners do when they check you out online

Google yourself. See what your customers are reading about you. Your “webutation” may or may not be fair to you, but it’s important to know what it is and, if possible, improve it.

September 10, 2012  

Five easy ways for tech-savvy contractors and subtrades to find each other

A long-term business relationship between a general contractor and a subtrade can’t be forged instantly. But finding each other can be done in a second, online. A look at various ways to get connected.

September 4, 2012  

Five ways to increase your referral business

By Karen Hamilton As a renovator, getting business from

August 20, 2012  

Flooring is Canada's favourite reno project

The home renovation website, is creating quite a buzz

August 20, 2012  

5 common mistakes contractors make

by Karen Hamilton 15 years ago, my husband and

August 15, 2012  

Rob's Radio Reno Report

A franchise for contractors

August 7, 2012  

Jump start your reno business with seminars in Vancouver, Calgary and Winnipeg

Are you ready for your renovation business to deliver

August 7, 2012  

Two new social media sites reno contractors need to know about

Pintrest excites your customers

July 9, 2012  

Seminar will teach "accessibility" reno skills

It’s been called the biggest new business opportunity for

June 18, 2012  

Build Your Brand Part 1: Know your target client

Three steps to marketing your business effectively

June 15, 2012  

Welcome to your new, untapped market

Yesterday it was the Green market, today…

May 23, 2012  

The HomeStars way

You want to be a HomeStars contractor? All it

May 15, 2012  

Homeowners will pack seminar in Vancouver

Your customers are getting educated

May 7, 2012  

CARAHS chapter meeting: Five proven ways to grow your business

All are welcome to the second Toronto chapter meeting of CARAHS May 17th at the Canadian Contractor magazine offices; 80 Valleybrook Dr. Toronto. (York Mills and Don Mills area). Meeting starts at 6:30pm sharp

April 26, 2012  

A four letter word for success

Industry expert Beverly A. Koehn makes us uncomfortable with the four letter word we’d rather not use when talking about customer service.

March 30, 2012  

Keep this link

A free monthly report on new home building supplied by CMHC for your market.

March 22, 2012  

Sell on value, not price

How many times do you hear, “The customer only cares about the price”? Here’s the truth: price is only an issue when it is presented as the only benefit.