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Five reasons builders should include an interior designer on their teams.

Your client’s home is likely the biggest investment they’ll ever make, so it’s understandable that they hold you to a high standard. You can make sure you meet client expectations by bringing a qualified interior designer onto your team. A designer elevates your service package, your design process and ultimately your business. They can help ensure your renovation work is stylish and personal while saving you time and money during the build process. Here’s how:

1. When clients undertake renovations in their home, they want meaningful and harmonious interiors which add value to their home and increase their enjoyment and comfort for years to come. Having a trained interior designer on the team allows you to approach each project with the unique perspective of a designer around functionality and aesthetics that are best suited to your client’s style, taste and needs. They will prepare a fresh assessment which matches their artistic expertise to the client’s requirements and preferences, often adding splashes of flair and suggesting possibilities you would never have imagined.

2. A designer will help you deal with clients. Interior designers are expert communicators who can translate client needs into plain language, which can help you stay on schedule by avoiding misunderstandings and ensures the vision is executed accurately and within budget. Part of a designer’s role is to help guide clients through the vast multitude of decisions that need to be made before the project even gets under way. All this makes your sales process easier, and saves you time as well as money.

3. Having a competent designer on your team means less stress. Their existing relationships with both clients and suppliers and their industry expertise will allow you to delegate decisions and troubleshooting on materials, contactors and more. You can use that time to manage your trades, budgets and sales funnel, increasing your business’s productivity.


4. Designers know what’s worth spending money on and what isn’t. With a keen sense of imagination and eye for design, they are trained to see the potential in hidden gems. A designer can mix and match expensive pieces with less pricey finds and even upcycled items from the previous home design to achieve your client’s desired look on budget. They also know the marketplace and have access to trade resources and preferred pricing for items outside of the normal scope of the average contractor. There’s no need for endless, time consuming and often unfruitful showroom trips. A designer will oversee the selection, approval and documentation process for your client, so you don’t have to.

5. An interior designer can connect you with other industry professionals and resources. These invaluable resources are a huge benefit to your clients as it increases your range of offerable solutions as well as exanding your own network of resources and professionals. A designer’s preferred craftsman will deliver an elevated sense of flair and luxury that fits the clients style and provides an exact fit for their needs. Combined with your skilled and professional trades, the possibilities to wow your client are unlimited. We all know that fulfilled and happy clients are the best source of referrals, so do your business a favour and speak to an interior designer today.


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