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February 12, 2021  

Gazing into the Crystal Ball

Experts discuss what to expect in 2021 and beyond.

February 12, 2021  

The Allure of Alair

The move from owner-operator to franchise owner works out for the Chuba brothers.

February 8, 2021  

Editorial: Looking Ahead

Let’s start out 2021 with a look at the

December 23, 2020  

The Hammer Epsiode #8: Maxime Duzyk and Joe Upper, Huntsman Building Solutions

On this special episode of The Hammer, sponsored by

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December 22, 2020  

The Ryan Report: Here we go again – An analysis of the impact of COVID-19

As case counts rise, we may be facing a

December 22, 2020  

Today’s Builder: Truth in budgeting

Most major financial decisions centre around a budget. They

December 4, 2020  

In pursuit of passion: Roger Hardy’s journey of building dreams

On the bank of Lake Ontario in the picturesque

November 26, 2020  

Radon, the silent danger: Protecting Homes from Radon with Closed-Cell Spray Foam Insulation

Across Canada, many homes have elevated levels of radon

November 23, 2020  

Creative eye: The daring French Country makeover by Coulson Design Build

Drew Coulson has designed and built an award-winning project

November 20, 2020  

Think rental for flexible equipment options on any job

If you’re working in construction today, you’re likely under

November 19, 2020  

The seal of approval: Evaluating the efficacy of certification programs

A key goal that every contractor would like to

November 18, 2020  

Unintended consequences: Quest for energy-efficient homes could be killing Canadians

The Law of Unintended Consequences applies to everything from

October 7, 2020  

Back to legacy: Tidman Construction building quality homes and lifelong relationships

For more than 70 years, Tidman Construction, now a

September 15, 2020  

Talking tech to talent: Using the right technology and hiring tech-savvy workers

Even in times of uncertainty, demands on the construction

September 7, 2020  

Building profits with Lean construction

No builder would deny that controlling costs is a

September 1, 2020  

Basement humidity-busting tactics to beat summertime mustiness

As a contractor, no doubt you’ve been asked to

August 14, 2020  

The Hammer episode #3: Victoria’s Voice: Casey Edge, Victoria Residential Builders Association

Casey Edge, executive director of the VRBA, joins Canadian

August 12, 2020  

Style and function in the junction – How Carmelin Design and Build created an award-winning project

When the new owners of a century home in

August 11, 2020  

All in-house: Otis Interiors providing one-stop renovation solutions

Three might be a crowd to some, but for

July 20, 2020  

The Hammer episode #2: Get ‘Em Young – Ian Howcroft, Skills Ontario

How do we get young people interested in the

June 19, 2020  

Okanagan Reno Supreme – Skaha Vista by My House

Over the last 30+ years, Graeme Huguet has been

June 10, 2020  

Crisis control: How the industry is dealing with Covid-19

As we so fittingly termed it when it broke,

May 14, 2020  

The Hammer COVID SPECIAL: Get It Delivered – Eamonn O’Rourke, RenoRun

We’re changing how we do things on jobsites: keeping

May 14, 2020  

Report on Q1 impact to Canadian construction

A survey commissioned by the Canadian Institute of Quality

May 8, 2020  

Workers may be compensated for COVID-19 contracted on the job

Provincial workers compensation boards around the country say they

May 1, 2020  

The Hammer Special COVID-19 episode: How Are We Doing and Where We Are Going Suzanne Bernier, SB Crisis Consulting

Pandemic response expert Suzanne Bernier joins Canadian Contractor editor

April 23, 2020  

The Hammer Special Pandemic Episode: Pandemic Payment UPDATE – Bonny Koabel, AKR Consulting

Government funding guru Bonny Koabel updates listeners on the

April 23, 2020  

The Hammer episode #1: CERB Your Enthusiasm: Government relief for small businesses and how you can get it

Bonny Koabel from AKR Consulting joins Canadian Contractor editor

April 15, 2020  

How Covid-19 affects Ontario construction statutes

A look at the legal side of the pandemic

April 6, 2020  

Here to help: WSIB services during the COVID-19 pandemic

Everything you need to know about what the Board is doing to help you through the crisis