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The Major Advantage of Rust-Oleum’s Turbo Technology

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Rust-Oleum was founded on the principle of creating innovative products, and after more than 100 years, they are just getting started. A top Canadian supplier for both consumer and industrial paint and coating solutions, Rust-Oleum has grown to be a global leader in manufacturing innovative coatings that empower do-it-yourselfers and professionals alike. Their newest solution – Turbo technology, is a revolutionary application process that enhances the power of regular spray paint. The Turbo Spray System delivers the same trusted protection of traditional Rust-Oleum paints and now gets the job done four times faster.

Turbo spray paints are an innovative solution recommended for larger projects that need to be finished quickly. Available in a 656 and 737-gram size, the cans work four times quicker than traditional spray paints—offering the speed and quality of professional spray equipment without the hassle. These large cans hold almost twice as much paint as a traditional aerosol in order to cover two times more surface area per can. How is this possible? The valve and nozzle work together to spray more paint per second covering more surface area. It provides a spray pattern of up to 10 inches (25 centimeters) making it the perfect product for project completion.

Turbo technology works well with several of the most professionally-trusted products available from Rust-Oleum including ULTIMATE Turbo Enamel, as well as Zinsser’s Cover Stain Oil-Base Primer-Sealer and Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Water Based Primer.

ULTIMATE Turbo Enamel has a formula that offers the best corrosion protection possible, complete with long lasting high-gloss colour, and superior durability. The wide spray dries quickly to achieve a tough and attractive finish and is tack-free within four hours, allowing for quick and easy project completion. ULTIMATE Turbo can be used on structural steel, handrails, doors, storage tanks, equipment, machinery and more.


Zinsser Cover Stain Oil-Base primer-sealer is perfect for blocking stains, concealing dark colours and preventing tannin bleed. It is great for sealing exterior wood. Bulls Eye 1-2-3 is a premium water-based whole-house primer-sealer that can be used to seal porous surfaces like wood, drywall, cured plaster, and even concrete and brick. With Turbo technology, users can tackle large projects faster and easier than ever and top coat in just 30 minutes. These sprays can be used on garage doors, sheds, and more – anything that’s too big to spray with a traditional aerosol and too small for a professional spray gun.

The Turbo line of spray paint is simple and straightforward to apply. This product is to be used outdoors or in a well ventilated area and sprayed between 10 and 32 degrees Celsius. Rust-Oleum’s innovative Turbo Spray System is changing the way users complete their projects, offering a unique product that provides a quick, durable, long-lasting finish four times faster than traditional spray cans.

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