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June 20, 2019 News

Tokin’ out of turn? The legal community offers its latest thoughts on marijuana at work

by John Bleasby

Without considering specific policies over on-site use of cannabis, contractors risk being left “dazed and confused”

June 19, 2019 News

Futures We Like: Getting your Profit and Loss statement in order

by Robert Koci

The first in an ongoing series on creating the best future possible for your company

June 18, 2019 News

Measuring efforts to reduce stress

by Robert Koci

“It’s not straightforward measuring contentment, or happiness, or stress. But if you can’t measure them in the process of trying to reduce them, you can’t tell if your efforts were a success.”

June 18, 2019 News

The future of Tesla solar roof panels appears shady

by John Bleasby

Forget solar tiles. For Elon Musk and Tesla, the future is all about electric cars.

June 17, 2019 News

Two weeks left to enter our Contractor Dilemma Double-Header! (2 prizes available!)

by John Bleasby

Fred wants to move on from site super – and go to work for the company owner as a salesperson. The only problem is, his guaranteed base salary is much lower now.

June 13, 2019 News

The evolution of head protection, from construction hard hat to safety helmet

by John Bleasby

Head trauma concerns spawn new designs and materials

June 12, 2019 News

Mortgage test adds stress, not affordability

by Casey Edge

Canada’s stress test may to be doing more harm than good

June 6, 2019 News

Eco Life owner David Murray charged with 23 counts of fraud

by John Bleasby

Controversial Sudbury contractor will appear in court July 3rd

June 4, 2019 News

Adam Gardin now in Hazel Park, Michigan

by Robert Koci

Adam Gardin has resurfaced as AIG Developments in Detroit

June 4, 2019 News

Mental health — Construction’s silent epidemic

by John Bleasby

“The real mental epidemic today is that we are all struggling to put on a show and pretend that everything’s OK all the time”: Bryan Baeumler

June 1, 2019 News

Last month’s hot topic

by Robert Koci

Be informed. Stay informed. Read and Canadian Contractor magazine

May 29, 2019 Video

All About Fasteners, Episode 9: Four common complaints about fasteners (and their solutions) VIDEO

by canadiancontractor

Head stripping, screws breaking, head snapping and time-consuming pre-drilling… all cost contractors time and money

May 29, 2019 News

Adjudication, Small Claims, or Lien: Each option has conditions

by John Bleasby

Construction Act amendments new to Ontario and Saskatchewan are under review across Canada

May 27, 2019 News

Calvin Gordon’s defamation, harassment suits are postponed

by John Bleasby

Clock reset for proceedings against Orillia, Ont. residents and trades due to legal technicalities

May 23, 2019 News

Latest Eco Life Home Improvement judgments exceed $30,000 in two separate rulings

by John Bleasby

“I don’t know why this man’s not in jail. I don’t know why he hasn’t been charged”: Court Justice

May 22, 2019 News

Five questions in five minutes for Canada’s Prime Minister

by Casey Edge

With a federal election this fall, the VRBA’s Casey Edge wants answers from the top

May 21, 2019 News

Canadian Contractor mentoring series: What Steve Said! Part 1

by John Bleasby

“When I started out, a mentor would have been ideal — someone I could count on to give me really good advice.”

May 21, 2019 Video

Make your under-door floor transitions perfect [VIDEO]

by Robert Koci

Floor transitions, especially between tile and carpet, need to be precisely placed