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January 23, 2019 News

Recipe for a housing crisis? Just add government

by Casey Edge

Casey Edge takes aim at taxes, slow processes, and regulations for causing Canada’s housing affordability problem

January 22, 2019 News

SITE TIPS: Why you MUST have a shock-absorbing lanyard (VIDEO) to work safely at heights

by canadiancontractor

Alec Caldwell, Ontario MOL-Approved Working at Heights trainer, demonstrates how the shock-absorbing lanyards can save your life

January 22, 2019 News

The case for electrical radiant floor heating

by John Bleasby

Occupant comfort, energy savings and customized heating zones are compelling arguments

January 17, 2019 News

Is your small business ready for Canada’s new tax rules? (Part Two)

by John Bleasby

Get ready to pay more for your employees’ Canada Pension Plan contributions

January 15, 2019 News

Ontario’s WSIB rates are coming down for 2019. Good news or bad?

by John Bleasby

Big savings for business but the benefit for injured claimants is debatable

January 11, 2019 News

Taking the money and not doing the work? Military vet claims rip off by “contractors” in New Brunswick

by canadiancontractor

The funds that were allegedly walked away with were from Steve Dawe’s Canadian Forces disability payout

January 10, 2019 News

Is your small business ready for Canada’s new tax rules? (Part One)

by John Bleasby

Changes to income splitting and passive income rules will impact small business

January 9, 2019 News

Sorting through the confusion around energy efficiency ratings

by Paul Duffy, M.A.Sc., P.Eng.

Many energy efficiency programs are delivered, not by the government, but by industry associations and even private delivery agents

January 9, 2019 News

The science of moisture control: Building science rules for contractors

by Paul Duffy, M.A.Sc., P.Eng.

A summary of the three major mechanisms for moisture infiltration into a building – and what to do about them

January 9, 2019 News

A look at today’s building envelopes (Part 1: Air sealing is king)

by Grant Walkin

Building durability and indoor air quality requires increased focus on air leakage

January 8, 2019 News

Mattamy Homes branches out to southeast Edmonton with Aurora purchase

by Steve Payne

Mattamy will be building 126 units on the site, expected to be three-storey, rear-lane townhouses

January 8, 2019 News

Need a New Year’s Resolution? How about looking at your social media marketing?

by John Bleasby

A new month, a new year — make sure your strategies are meeting the latest trends

January 3, 2019 News

Lessons learned from Dr. Jekyll & Mrs. Hyde

by John Bleasby

A touchy Dilemma Contest produces excellent crisis prevention suggestions

January 2, 2019 News

Trudeau delivers 2018’s “Construction Quote of the Year”

by John Bleasby

“There are gender impacts when you bring construction workers into a rural area.”

December 31, 2018 News

Our 3 top stories of the year

by John Bleasby

Contractors who have ever felt defamed by online comments about them will want to watch Calvin Gordon’s legal action closely

December 28, 2018 News

We have a Contractor Dilemma Contest winner!

by John Bleasby

Dan Sageman of Grand Bend, ON wins a DeWalt cordless jigsaw!

December 17, 2018 Video

Answering your ICF questions, Part 3 (VIDEO)

by canadiancontractor

Gary Meine, architectural technologist for NUDURA, responds to questions often asked by builders new to ICFs

December 14, 2018 Video

Site Tips Episode 12 (VIDEO): How to use a tape measure and/or steel ruler as a calculator

by canadiancontractor

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