Canadian Contractor


June 23, 2017 News

Province’s housing plan having “little impact on the GTA new homes market”, builders’ group says

by Steve Payne

Ontario’s “Fair Housing Plan” isn’t really doing very much, BILD says

June 20, 2017 News

What type of contractor are you? Top line or bottom line?

by Mike Draper

Top line firms are usually in rapid growth mode. But bottom line is what it’s all about, for most contractors.

June 20, 2017 News

The Road to NZE (Part Three): New window technology delivers big R-value gains

by John Bleasby

Modern windows shed their image as energy efficiency losers

June 19, 2017 News

Keeping students safe on your work site this summer

by John Bleasby

A summer job in construction should educate, motivate, and be safe

June 16, 2017 News

Alberta forecasted to lead all provinces in 2017 economic growth; Newfoundland’s recession deepens

by Steve Payne

If this keeps up, more contractors will head back to Alberta, which has come through a significant slowdown

June 15, 2017 News

Victoria home builder awarded CHBA’s first NZE recognition

by John Bleasby

Home achieves an EnerGuide rating of ‘0’ by generating as much energy as it consumes

June 13, 2017 News

The Road to NZE (Part Two): Defeating thermal bridging

by John Bleasby

High R-value gains in walls are wasted when thermal bridges are overlooked

June 12, 2017 News

Alberta’s Bill 17 destined to wreak havoc on construction site overtime privileges

by John Bleasby

Province tackles work-family balance with new workplace legislation

June 9, 2017 News

Would you put a pro-Trump bumper sticker on your work truck?

by Steve Payne

This contractor did, and now it’s in the news – well, on a tiny scale

June 8, 2017 News

Students hustle to complete real-life construction projects

by John Bleasby

With graduation just weeks away, it’s ‘All hands on deck’ at this Orillia high school

June 6, 2017 News

Ontario’s new Construction Liens Act made simple

by John Bleasby

Clear prompt payment rules and dispute arbitration guidelines at the heart of legislation

June 5, 2017 News

NEW SERIES: The Road to NZE (Net Zero Energy)

by John Bleasby

Part One: Whole-house insulation ratings are shaping the way homes are built

May 31, 2017 News

Retiring from contracting and construction: how hard can it be?

by John Bleasby

Looking forward to greener pastures requires planning and discipline

May 30, 2017 News

Jo Clé stares down unions’ Marxist dogma in Quebec construction labor dispute

by John Bleasby

Unions ‘heavies’ and a small contractor face off in war of words

May 29, 2017 News

Former Calgary TV renovation personality faces jail

by John Bleasby

Bruce Hopkins went bankrupt, taking $5 million of clients’ money with him

May 26, 2017 News

Report hammers Ontario’s WSIB for endangering workers’ health to help its bottom line

by Steve Payne

Similar claims have been made for years – all vigorously denied by WSIB

May 25, 2017 News

Are the Property Brothers above the law when it comes to safety?

by Alec Caldwell

Or maybe it’s just a question of Photoshop?

May 25, 2017 News

Quebec’s unionized construction workers strike for higher wages, less overtime

by John Bleasby

Multiple sectors walk out over pay increases and overtime requests