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April 18, 2019 News

Demonstrate your firm’s diversity and you could win OLFA knives

by canadiancontractor

It’s “Celebrate Diversity Month” in April and OLFA, the Japanese utility knife giant, wants contractors to get involved

April 18, 2019 News

Eco Life owner stands by his record

by John Bleasby

“No one complains about my workmanship. No one complains about my prices,” says controversial Sudbury contractor

April 17, 2019 News

Finding meaning in the deep abyss of Black Holes… and Step Codes

by Casey Edge

Casey Edge looks at NRCan’s uncovering of a significant Step Code issue, just in time for the rest of the country

April 16, 2019 News

OCOT fees are finished, gone! Well… almost!

by John Bleasby

Ontario’s controversial tax on skilled trades is eliminated for all but one class

April 12, 2019 News

Five Calgary homebuilders named Canada’s Best Managed Companies

by canadiancontractor

Deloitte business consultants and the CIBC put these contractors on their list of the best firms in Canada

April 10, 2019 News

Sudbury police confirm ongoing investigations into Eco Life

by John Bleasby

Local MPP has brought additional cases to the Minister responsible for Consumer Protection

April 9, 2019 News

The critical need to break the skilled trade stigma

by John Bleasby

Skills Canada events across the country are part of a larger industry strategy

April 5, 2019 Video

Toronto contractor Paul Gallop on how he obtained training funds (VIDEO)

by Steve Payne

Paul was able to train not only his contractors on site, but his salespeople and designers, with subsidies

April 3, 2019 News

Sudbury, ON clients of controversial contractor Eco Life take to the streets

by John Bleasby

More than two dozen members of the public staged a public rally against Eco Life Home Improvements and its owner, David Murray

March 29, 2019 Video

Toronto contractor Paul Gallop on why he joined a Peer Group (VIDEO)

by Steve Payne

“Most of us were undercharging in this industry, at least when we started,” Paul says. “We didn’t realize that it’s possible and necessary to charge properly to stay in business.”

March 28, 2019 News

The cost of improper safety procedures: fines, catastrophic injury, even death

by John Bleasby

A recent flurry of convictions and fines put the focus on sloppy procedures

March 27, 2019 News

Vapour Barrier or Vapour Retarder? You need to understand the difference

by Grant Walkin

Exposing important myths and misconceptions that affect building integrity

March 26, 2019 News

Canada’s students and apprentices prepare for skilled trades competitions

by John Bleasby

The road to the 2019 National Championship in Halifax starts around your corner

March 22, 2019 News

Bryan Baeumler launches home service app

by canadiancontractor

The app, called HeyBryan, launched in Toronto this week after entering the market last November in Vancouver

March 22, 2019 News

Site Tip VIDEO: Extra uses for painters’ gloves and painters’ tape

by canadiancontractor

These two tips are especially useful for residential house painters

March 21, 2019 News

Federal budget measures for housing come in like a lion, but go out like a lamb

by John Bleasby

For most homebuilders, this week’s budget was more sizzle than steak

March 20, 2019 News

The real lowdown on government downloading

by Casey Edge

Where do municipalities find money for their employee obligations? Guess!

March 19, 2019 News

What we can learn from Andy Roy’s failed bonus plan

by John Bleasby

Responses to our latest Contractor Dilemma suggest one size does not fit all