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Contractor nabbed in highway chase

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His face was all bloodied when taken into custody

As if you needed more evidence that operating a contracting business without a license is a bad idea, here’s an article about a contractor in Phoenix that sheds light on what a slippery slope this practice can be.

It’s started off simply enough for Michael Lee Cox. He was charged with contracting without a license and had a pre-trial in mid-June. However, he failed to shop up for that session, so a warrant for his arrest was issued.

Finally, he was arrested at the beginning of December after being found walking in the median on Interstate 17. Cox was holding a large pipe and a hammer, so perhaps he was on his way to finish one of several reported projects he did not complete. Or maybe not.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety trooper ordered Cox to lay down the items, but he refused and kept walking across the highway, nearly getting hit by a car. Cox made it to the emergency lane and began running north, with the trooper following in his vehicle. Cox stopped again and raised the tools, but then starting running again.


The trooper got out and chased Cox by foot, Tasering him and then tackling him to the ground. Cox’s face was bloodied when he was taken into custody.

See? This is what happens when you perform contracting work without a license. Don’t be that guy.


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2 Comments » for Contractor nabbed in highway chase
  1. quest says:

    What kind of a contractor was he?

    • Rob Blackstien says:

      According to the article, he ran a company called Cox Contracting LLC and I know at the very least they did roof repairs, windows installations and exterior painting.

      Why do you ask? Are certain types of contractors prone to this behaviour? 🙂

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