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Mikrofill’s water cooling and heating unit coming to North America

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Mikrofill Systems Ltd. (Mikrofill), part of the U.K.-based Stuart Turner Group, has announced that its Mikrofill 3 hydronic system pressurization unit has been fully certified by ASSE International through a special LEC to the standard ASSE LEC 2009-2021. The certification, formally awarded on May 26 of this year, clears the way for this innovative device to now be specified and installed on hydronic heating and cooling applications throughout North America.

Proven effective in the United Kingdom for more than two decades, the unique Mikrofill 3 is the most advanced, “direct-type” pressurization unit available for sealed, low-pressure hot-water (LPHW) and chilled-water (CHW) commercial and multifamily residential applications. Able to fill any heating or chilled water system from empty without the use of a pump, the product also delivers commercial backflow protection with no RPZ valves, while also providing comprehensive electronic pressure management.

Having introduced the technology last winter at the 2022 AHR Expo in Las Vegas, Stuart Turner and Mikrofill management have been working to forge distribution partnerships with selected, stocking representatives in both the United States and Canada.

“We are aggressively seeking well-established, seasoned reps with a track record of pioneering new and innovative technologies for commercial applications,” explains Stuart Martin, National Business Development Manager for Stuart Turner. “We have had numerous productive discussions in recent months, and we expect to be announcing a number of partnerships in the near future.”

What is an LEC? When there is no readily applicable standard for an innovative, “novel” product, ASSE (American Society for Sanitary Engineering) can create a Listing Evaluation Criteria (LEC) technical document that is specific to the product. The ASSE will test the product so that the maker can demonstrate third-party certification, enabling it to gain traction in the North American marketplace.

The sale/installation of this LEC-approved product is accompanied by a technical document referencing the LEC test and ASSE approval. Both are recognized by the vast majority of regulatory and code-making entities and water purveyors (local water utilities) in the United States and Canada.

As noted on the ASSE website, “An LEC is valid for 5 years from publication date. At that point, the ASSE Product Standards Committee (PSC) will observe its market acceptance and decide the appropriate route for it in partnership with the original requester.”

What is the Mikrofill 3? The Mikrofill 3 offers three key functions —

  1. Fills any commercial or multifamily heating/chilled water system.
  2. Provides commercial backflow protection. And…
  3. Delivers electronic press management.

Unlike conventional pressurization installs, the Mikrofill 3 connects directly to a commercial building’s incoming water supply (main or boosted), leveraging that line pressure to fill any heating or chilled water system — again, completely dispensing with a conventional circulating pump. By eliminating the pump, the Mikrofill 3 not only helps building owner-managers avoid the expense and hassles of periodic maintenance, but it also saves them substantial energy costs.

The most energy-efficient unit of its kind, the Mikrofill 3 consumes only 30 watts per hour when filling a LPHW/CHW system and only 10 watts per hour when monitoring the system while on standby. That performance results in an energy savings more than 95 percent, compared with pump-type pressurization units.

The wall-mounted Mikrofill 3 weighs only 11 lb. and measures 9-3/4 inches wide x 10-1/2 inches high x 4-1/2 inches deep. This compact design facilitates installation by a single, trained technician. No onsite commissioning by the manufacturer is required.

For more information on the Mikrofill 3 or technical assistance, visit or telephone 312 761 5826.


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