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Tattoowall technology: instant mural art for professional painters and decor contractors

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The Tattoowall consists of a digital imaging technique that can be applied seamlessly to any substrate

If you are a professional painter or interior design contractor who is looking to create some spectacular artwork on the walls of a client’s home, without them having to take our a new mortgage to create an original work of art, you might want to find out about Tattoowall.

The Tattoowall is a digital imaging technique, consisting of a special membrane that can be applied directly onto any substrate, rough or smooth, with no size limitation, no mess, no heat, and no distortion of image. Once it is applied it becomes a fresco – fast and with no joint lines. It is guaranteed for interior and exterior applications.

Agnes von Mehren, who heads up Tattoowall in Canada, sent Canadian Contractor news of a spectacular application of Tattoowall in Italy, at the University of Turin. Leading Italian light artist Richi Ferrero collaborated with the Tattoowall people to create an electrically-powered, luminescent image based on a drawing by Burne Hogarth, a famous American illustrator from the 50s.

The area covered by the Tattoowall, on a new building at the campus, was 1,092 sq. ft. in total. Yet this was all done by two people in three days! The image was an extremely powerful one, evoking Rodin’s famous painting “The Thinker.” The substrate was smooth concrete and the image was applied directly to it.

The piece, entitled “Homotechnosapiens,” underscores the concept of art and technology combined. The man in the artwork is depicted holding a glowing electric wire with a luminescent plug at its end. While the man is a bi-dimensional drawing, the wire is a three-dimensional object that interacts with him.

The drawing that was turned into this Tattoowall was executed by Giulio Saccardo, a student from the Academy of Arts of Turin, to underline the educational aspects of Hogarth’s work, and of the campus itself.  Now, this Tattoowall installation has become the centerpiece of the campus.

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  1. We have been researching Tattoowall technology here in UK for many years now and we haven’t found anyone who offers this kind of technology. Can Anyone here tell me where to look for this technology in UK? thanks.

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