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The ACHR News recognizes Navac with two dealer design awards

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NAVAC, the world’s largest supplier of HVAC vacuum pumps in addition to a wide array of tools, gauges, charging machines, recovery units and industry-specific items, took top honors in the Hand Tools category of The ACHR News’ prestigious Dealer Design Awards. The company’s recently introduced NTE11L BreakFree® Power Tube Expander won Gold, while its popular NEF6LM BreakFree® Power Flaring Tool was recognized with a Bronze in the same category – a near-sweep for NAVAC.

NAVAC’s battery-driven NTE11L BreakFree® Power Tube Expander offers effortless, efficient and precision expansion for tubes in the 3/8” to 1-1/8” range. The tool is capable of performing its duties in just 12 seconds with the touch of a single button, and its long-lasting, rechargeable lithium battery allows up to 200 expansions per charge and recharges in just 30 minutes. Other features include an LED flashlight, a battery power indicator and a “Quick-Connect” design to switch expanding heads in just two seconds.

Meanwhile, NAVAC’s NEF6LM BreakFree® Power Flaring Tool is the industry’s lightest cordless flaring tool. Weighing less than three pounds, it produces precise, automatic flares in a fraction of the time compared to traditional flaring methods. It can create flares in five sizes, ranging from ¼” to ¾”.  Designed to perform reliably in harsh environments, the NEF6LM Cordless Power Flaring Tool also offers quick-connect functionality.

Featuring easy, one-button operation and a luminous LED flashlight, the NEF6LM Cordless Flaring Tool can complete a flare in just 15 seconds and can make over 100 flares per charge. Like the NTE11L, the device is fully charged in just 30 minutes.

As a technician in today’s technology-driven landscape, it can be frustrating when tools fall short of the demands of modern-day HVAC equipment. NAVAC’s cordless tubing tools are  user-friendly, with positioning and securing the tube taking mere seconds. From there, all the operator does is press the button – also in a matter of seconds.

NEWS Publisher Sarah Harding stated, “These awards give us a unique opportunity to recognize the outstanding research and development efforts that go into many of the products serving the HVACR industry and the awards issue gives our readers an opportunity to read about innovative installation and service solutions.”

“NAVAC is proud to introduce the BreakFree® Power Tubing Expander,” said Zhuk Zhang, Director of Products for NAVAC. “Following in the footsteps of its predecessor, the Breakfree Power Flaring Tool, we continue to empower contractors to automate tubing processes that will save time, energy and ultimately their bottom line. It is an honor to be recognized by one of the industry’s most respected, widely-read publications, and we look forward to introducing additional award-winning products in the future.”


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