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Want to learn how to build and sell a high-performance home? Attend these Union Gas seminars…

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Union Gas partners with builder Andy Oding and building expert Tex McLeod to help Ontario builders improve their selling and building processes

Starting tomorrow, and for the next two months, Union Gas will be conducting a series of seminars in cities thoughout Ontario to help builders learn how to sell and build high performance homes.

The one day technical seminars will explain:

– What is new in the Energy Star for New Homes standard

– How to build 20 per cent above Ontario Building Code 2012 standards in a cost-effective way

– How to achieve the new resource requirements in the Part 9 of the 2012 Ontario Building Code

– How to improve product quality, reduce costs and provide excellent after-sales service

But if you build it well and cost-effectively, will they come? And can you sell them? The Union Gas sales seminars will help builders understand:

– Homeowners’ perceptions and buying behaviour

– How to market and sell the features and benefits of high performance homes

– How to close the sale

The technical seminars will conducted by Andy Oding, one of the first builders in Canada to build a home to LEED standard, and Tex McLeod, a leading expert in high tech building.

The seminars will start Jan. 23 in Windsor and end April 23 in Thunder Bay, Ont. For a complete schedule, go to



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