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A collection of stats and facts that could affect your business

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A collection of stats and facts that could affect your business.

The $238-million apartment

Back in January, news came out that a hedge fund manager has forked over the highest price ever for a home in the U.S. – $238 million (about $320 million Canadian). Granted, this “apartment” covers 24,000 sq. ft. of penthouse space of an under construction tower overlooking Central Park. At a shade under $10,000 per square feet, it’s not the most expensive unit per foot. That title is still held by another comparatively miniscule 6,744-sq.-ft. New York condo that sold in 2012 for $88-million, or $13,049 per square foot.

The half-million dollar mall

In February, a largely vacant shopping mall in Scotland sold for 310,000 pounds, or about $550,000 Canadian. With online shopping taking a big bite out of bricks-and-mortar retail, only seven of the building’s 21 shops had tenants.


A shocking fine

Early this year a contractor named Leonard Shanker, of M J Construction in Dundas, Ont., plead guilty to 13 violations under the Ontario Electrical Safety Code. The charges include six counts of not having an electrical license, six counts of failing to apply for an inspection, and one count of unsafe electrical conditions – a live wire was left dangling in a client’s basement. The company was fined $25,000, plus a $6,250 victim fine surcharge. In 2017 the same company was convicted of similar violations.

Blitzed on a Bobcat

In February, two men stole a Bobcat from a construction site in Scarborough, Ont., and took it for a drunken joyride. The stunt ended when they crashed into the side of a home, leaving a gapping hole in the building’s brickwork. Somewhat surprisingly, the individuals were not charged with drunk driving as, according to police, the machine was not considered “a motor vehicle.”

Wear your colours with pride

Patriotic painters take note: Home Hardware has teamed up with Canadian Living magazine to create the Beauti-Tone “Coast-to-Coast Colour Collection.” With 55 colours in 11 palates, there’s a themed scheme for every province, plus the territories, ranging from reds, blues, and greens reminiscent of St. John, Newfoundland’s famed Jellybean Row, to serene whites, soft greys, and greens to evoke the B.C. outdoors.


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