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Field Tested: DeWalt’s Flexvolt 7¼” Part 2

Renovation Contractor DeWalt’s Flexvolt 7¼" Field Test Flexvolt Flexvolt 7¼" cordless circular saw

Part 2 - Each tester will share their first impressions upon opening the packaging, and then provide their feedback after using the tool on the job for a month or so. About a year from now, we’ll follow-up with each to see if the tool has become their new go-to item, or if it’s gathering dust back at the shop.

First Impressions

Bryan Klomp

“The tool looks slick – I like the look of the charcoal-coloured metal – and I love it when a tool comes with its own carrying case, props on that.

The saw with the battery is rather heavy, so it will take some getting used to.

All the components that come into contact with the material being cut 
are metal, which is good. 
The blade brake works well. If the guard ever got 
jammed, I am confident the saw blade won’t be rotating if accidently set it down open. Good feel when holding 
it, and the battery with the thumb lock is easy to use and locks tight.

We will have to get used to using the transportation cover on the battery, something we’ve never 
used before.”

Dan MacKay

“The saw looks great and like the idea of the 7¼” blade. It has a good weight and feels really well balanced with the battery in. It comes with a handy carrying bag big enough to hold the saw, charger, and still lots of room for an extra battery. I also like where the wrench is stored in the back of the saw.”

Don Vloet

“The saw seems to be well built, though a little heavy for cordless (thanks to the large 60-volt battery). 
I like the fact that the wrench for blade changes is located in the bottom of the handle, and that it comes with a tool bag.

I was hoping for two batteries in the box.
 In my opinion, all tools should be sold with two batteries. With just one, you get started and then you put that saw away and use the corded because you only have one battery.
 It’s like buying a brand new car and having to drive straight to the gas station because it is on empty.
Maybe it’s just me.” [Editor’s note: There is also a tool-only option (DCS575B) and a kit with two-batteries (DCS575T2) available.]




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