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Field Tested: DeWalt’s Flexvolt 7¼” Part 3

Renovation Contractor DeWalt’s Flexvolt 7¼" Field Test Flexvolt Flexvolt 7¼" cordless circular saw

Part 3 - Each tester will share their first impressions upon opening the packaging, and then provide their feedback after using the tool on the job for a month or so. About a year from now, we’ll follow-up with each to see if the tool has become their new go-to item, or if it’s gathering dust back at the shop.

Jobsite experience


Bryan Klomp

“The saw has been our lead carpenter’s saw for the last month, and he has yet to pull out the corded circular saw. I now have it, only because I picked up the brushless impact and hammer drill that go with the new 60-volt batteries.

Pros: The brake on the saw is almost immediate, which is great.
 The saw is relatively lightweight, even with the large battery.
The battery itself lasts a fair bit, averaging about 100 cross cuts (all new wood). The fast charge does help.


 It doesn’t perform as well when the weather is cold; it chatters and has a bit of a delay when the trigger is pulled.
The DeWalt blade did not last very long (almost a month). We used this saw for only new wood on reno jobs (no large framing projects).

Overall, this saw is a definite go-to saw, just make sure you get a second battery for it (we carry three). This saw has renewed my like of DeWalt tools, hence the new brushless driver set purchased.”

Dan MacKay

“The saw is awesome! Every time I go looking for the saw someone is using it. I purchased another battery so we always have one on charge. Years ago I had 5″, 18-volt saw and it didn’t last very long so we never bothered getting another one. Now, I can see us adding another 60-volt, 7¼” saw to our toolbox. The blade that comes with it is tough: there have been a few nails cut on the reno we are doing and it still cuts like new. Cannot believe the power and the way it handles: we might not use the corded again. I don’t know what else to tell you, I just love the new DeWalt 60-volt circ saw.”

Don Vloet

The DeWalt 60-volt saw is awesome. The weight of the saw seems balanced, which helps ease cuts. It really does have the power of a corded saw with the ability to cut multiple pieces of wood on a single charge. It is a great addition to the cordless collection.


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