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Watch renovation themed shows on Netflix – White Gold and Tin Men

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First off, this BBC Two series now airing on Netflix is definitely NSFW

White Gold is golden

First off, this BBC Two series now airing on Netflix is definitely NSFW (not safe for work), but if you’re looking for a funny, raunchy, industry related show to binge watch, White Gold could be for you.

Set in a small English town east of London in the mid-1980s, the white gold in the title refers to the framing material for vinyl windows, and the plot revolves around the shady – and sometimes revolting – dealings of a group of salesman who will do just about anything to close a deal.

Be warned, there’s lots of sex, drugs, and 80s rock-and-roll, but if you’re okay with that, there’s plenty of British wit and laugh-out-loud scenes. There are two seasons of six episodes each currently airing on Netflix.


Tin Men

Looking for something a little less raunchy – but still profanity-laced – that also takes a comical look at the sleazy side of home renovation salespeople? Then consider Tin Men.

This dark 1987 comedy stars much younger versions of Richard Dreyfuss and Danny DeVito playing aluminum siding salesmen in 1960s Baltimore. The two work for rival siding companies and will do anything – legal or otherwise – to close the deal. And, of course, win the girl (played by Barbara Hershey). For a snippet, check out this profanity laced clip.


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