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What is an arborist and what do they do?

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Arboriculture is a professional practice that involves a lot more than just trimming and pruning trees.

Arboriculture is a professional practice that involves a lot more than just trimming and pruning trees. An arborist, also referred to as an arboriculturist, is a professional who studies the biomechanics of a tree including the cultivation, management and growth of trees. Unlike tree service technicians who handle more general work, arborists specialize in different aspects of tree surgery. These are professionals who understand and care about the health of individual trees, shrubs, vines and woody plants.

What do they do?

Trees are an important part of our ecosystem. They are everywhere and provide us with shade, food and even oxygen. Planting trees especially in urban areas helps to maintain a cool atmosphere and prevent issues like soil erosion.

Trees also add an aesthetic appeal wherever they are planted in neighbourhoods, which is why people love to have trees around them. However, these trees need proper care and all the right nutrients in order to stay alive and healthy. An arborist’s job is to ensure that this happens. Their job also includes preventing trees from causing harm in our environment such as overgrowing in power lines or collapsing and causing damage after severe weather.


Arborists maintain trees in different ways including:


Pruning has to be done right depending on the type of tree as well as the issues at hand. With proper pruning, the trees can grow healthy because it helps eliminate any dead wood and keep the insects away.


Tree removal is an important service that can protect property and save lives. An arboriculturist may recommend tree removal after carefully considering certain environmental factors. Additionally, removal shouldn’t be done by just anyone. Arborists come with specialized equipment and have the skill to perform removal safely and effectively.


Tree planting should be done at the right place and in the right way. This is important to ensure the long-term health of the tree. An arboriculturist can recommend the right place to plant a tree and even assist in making sure it’s done properly.

Emergency tree care

Harsh weather conditions such as severe storms and heavy rainfall can easily damage trees. An arborist can come and assess the condition of the tree prior to severe weather and make recommendations to avoid serious emergencies. When tree emergencies occur, arborists can be called upon to handle the situation properly.

Arborists can also take care of other aspects such as fertilization, insect control and lightning protection. They have the skill and experience to be consulted whenever different tree issues arise and help determine which solution is best.

What is their work like?

In most days, you’ll find them working outdoors in different weather conditions. Sometimes they can be called upon in emergency situations to offer a quick solution or simply provide routine maintenance. There is usually a lot more work to do when trees go dormant in those cold months. That is when most trees are pruned and cut hence the arboriculturist should recommend when certain services are necessary. They need to be physically fit and enjoy working in the outdoors.


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