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Hello, old friend...
With harsh winter conditions giving way to milder temperatures and easier commutes, it's safe to say that spring is upon us – finally. A melt and the first glimpses of green mean it's time for some spring lawn maintenance:
  • Grab a shovel and level out uneven areas to avoid poor drainage
  • Reseed sparse areas and allow 7-10 cm. growth before the first trim
  • Fertilize well established grass with a slow release nitrogen fertilizer

Toolway has a wide selection of seasonal tools to help get the job done
Enjoy life al fresco
The spring and summer months offer a great opportunity to maximize living space by taking dining and entertaining outside. Holland Imports has porch and patio solutions for those seeking the benefits of the great outdoors.
Homes need yearly checkups too
Canadian winters are hard on homes. Rain, wind, snow, and harsh cold can cause damage to the exterior of your home, leaving the interior vulnerable as well.

It's a good idea to thoroughly inspect your entire property each spring, keeping an eye out for signs of rust, rot, erosion, loose shingles, cracks, and general wear and tear.

Consider getting a leg up on next year's winter onslaught with residential flashing and cladding from Westman Steel.
For all decking projects, check Trex RainEscape is a unique under-deck drainage system – a network of troughs and gutters that keeps rain, spills and snow melt from dripping through elevated deck boards, creating a dry patio area on the ground level below.
DECRA Shingle XD has the rich bold appearance of a heavy weight architectural shingle at a fraction of the weight. With its thick cut edges and deep distinctive shadow lines, DECRA Shingle XD provides greater dimensionality and a robust appearance. This profile adds wonderful appeal to traditionally styled homes and is ideal to those who prefer the look of heavy-cut wood shingles. DECRA Shingle XD is pressure formed aluminum-zinc alloy coated steel with an acrylic bonded stone chip finish. The stone coating resists fading and UV penetration.
Cost of renovating versus moving →
A certified financial planner in Vancouver weighs the hidden costs associated with moving and throws out some creative ways to renovate or reallocate space to save money.

Yahoo Finance
Architecture, not banks, should dictate design →
Too often, argues architect Alexander Josephson, uninspired renovation designs are dictated by banks. But good design can go a long way.

Metro News
A decade of steady construction work →
BuildForce Canada's 2015-2024 Construction and Maintenance Looking Forward predicts continued, steady job growth in home construction.
Resisto Joist Guard →
Resisto Joist Guard is a great solution for waterproof protection. Use on joists to prevent rotting of structural timber under exterior floors, such as for patios and balconies. Resisto Joist Guard is a self-adhesive membrane composed of elastomeric bitumen. Installation is quick and easy at any temperature, and will substantially increase the life of your patio at a low cost. Resisto Joist Guard is compatible with most decking materials, such as treated wood and composite materials. One quick and easy install.
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Eliminate Lumberyard runs →
Extra runs for supplies can cost over time. Find out how to save time and money.
Managing homeowner emotions →
Communication is key to ensuring relationships don't go sour between contractors and clients.
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46 - 1313 Border Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3H 0X4
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