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Issue 52
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Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year! The season is upon us, bringing with it the end of 2014. We want to thank you for the support that you have given us over the past year, and wish you and your family a blessed Christmas season.

Working in various weather conditions can bring its share of challenges. Safety clothing varies from season to season. Here is a great winter product that will keep you working through the winter months.

Makita heated jacket is a great winter product. With three levels of heat, this battery powered jacket will add warmth while you work.
Car Safety
Travelling this winter? Make sure you have your winter safety kit, including:
  • Food that won't spoil, such as energy bars
  • Water—plastic bottles that won't break if the water freezes (replace them every six months)
  • Blanket
  • Extra clothing and shoes or boots
  • First aid kit with seatbelt cutter
  • Small shovel, scraper and snowbrush (we sell an snow shovel and snowbrush combo for $28.49)
  • Candle in a deep can and matches
  • Wind up flashlight
  • Whistle—in case you need to attract attention
  • Roadmaps
  • Copy of your emergency plan
  • Traction sand – we have traction sand in 18kg plastic mesh bags for $5.99. They add weight for traction and the sand can be spread under your drive wheels if you get stuck.
  • We also stock Sifto Safe Step ice melt for $9.99/bag.

Bankrupt contractor triggers government examination of client protection

The number of complaints against a Calgary Contractor who declared bankruptcy continue to increase, as the Alberta government examines client protection rules for prepaid contracts.
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Succession Planning: Keeping Business in the Family

Knowing the next generation will continue your work can be reassuring, but you want to be sure the next owner has the interest — and knowledge — to carry on your business's legacy.
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Updates to B.C. Building Code now in effect

The Province of B.C. has updated its building code, in effect as of December 1st in four key areas to reflect better energy efficiency, account for radon and ventilation.
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How to get Started with Digital Media
Think getting the most out of your iPad or online profile is daunting? Renovantage coach Mike Draper offers a few tips to help you get started.
Say Goodbye to Free Estimates
If free estimates are costing you time and money, Mike Harari from Remodelers Advantage has got news for you: You don't have to do it for free!
Century Wire - Pro Glo® SJTW (300V) jackets
Century Wire - Pro Glo® SJTW (300V) jackets offer high visibility for safety underfoot and extra flexibility in cold weather. Each male plug has a built-in amber neon light which indicates there is power in the cords and outlet. In addition, these extension cords provide Continuous Current and Ground Monitoring (CGM), an OSHA safety requirement. A green neon light in the female connectors lets you know at-a-glance that there is ground continuity.
Windsor® Safe-T-Salt
Windsor® Safe-T-Salt melts ice and snow to help reduce the risk of slips and falls on ice. Use it to sprinkle on steps, walkways, driveways, etc. Safe-T-Salt® removes ice and snow the easiest possible way. It provides quick melting traction under the wheels stuck on ice or in the snow.

CertainTeed Gypsum

The protrusion of screw or nail heads above the gypsum panel surface is caused by one or more of the following:
  • Lumber shrinkage occurring after gypsum panel product application,
  • Loose attachment of the gypsum panel product to the framing,
  • Improperly aligned, twisted, bent, warped, or bowed framing,
  • Incorrect fastener length, or
  • Improper fastening
Fastener pops are largely caused by lumber shrinkage due to initially high moisture content lumber. CertainTeed Gypsum has some great tips on nail pops.
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