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Sexton Group Ltd is made up of a unique network of diversified and highly motivated Building Supply Dealers who value their independent identity.
Under cover – A new roof for your home
Summer is a busy time for roofing contractors. Part of your role as a contractor is to give your clients options that will maximize return on investment for their home or cottage roof structure. Now's the time to consider available options.

An alternative to traditional shingles, VicWest offers a number of strong and attractive metal roofing options suitable for home, cottage, commercial and farm structures.
Light up your summer
Summer offers a chance to see your home in the best light possible. With a new line of kitchen and bathroom options, Conglom LED lighting can keep every room in your home bright from day to night. Is LED right for you? Check on Conglom's LED 101 for more information.
Thompson's WaterSeal
Thompson's WaterSeal wood protectors and stains contain special inhibitors that protect against mildew and fading, so your deck looks beautiful for years to come. Trust the Thompson's WaterSeal brand for superior long-lasting protection from the elements, no matter how extreme.
Fast 2K Fence Post Backfill
One 2 lbs bag of Fast 2K Fence Post Backfill replaces two 50 lbs bags of dry concrete! Same technology is used to set utility poles. No water required. No mess. Waterproof. Start building your fence in 15 minutes. Ideal for wood, vinyl and metal fences, mailboxes, signs and much more.
Giving new life to middle-aged decks →
Contractor Steve Maxwell offers tips on how to fix up your deck and give it a new lease on life.

Ottawa Citizen
How Homestars beat the odds →
A successful Toronto company refers homeowners to reputable contractors helping people wade through the $40 billion homebuilding and reno industry.

Financial Post
Canadian wood builders target overseas markets →
Canada's expertise in wood and engineered wood products is making a splash in places like Japan, China and South Korea.

Globe and Mail
The next generation of Powerbolt →
Eliminate the need for keys; enter your house with your own personal code with Powerbolt2 from Weiserlock.

No more lockouts or hiding keys under the mat. Store up to six unique user codes for family, guests, neighbours, the dog walker etc. New features include a temporary one-time code and a new MasterCode feature for improved user access code management. Easy to install. Easy to program. Easy to use. Easy to love.
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The 90-day challenge →
Can you map out your net profit for the next three months?
The seller-doer paradox →
If you're always working in your business, who's prospecting new clients?
Sexton Group Ltd.
46 - 1313 Border Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3H 0X4
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