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Issue 48
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Lumber One is a full-service, year-round lumber yard, serving Eastern Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario. We offer competitive pricing, friendly service and prompt delivery. We also offer Ice Road Delivery throughout the winter season.
Summer Projects
Our summer months are here to enjoy and a great time catch up on any outdoor work that needs to be done. If you're landscaping, painting, putting in a fence, building a deck, putting in windows and doors or any project at all, we can help.

Creating an outdoor space that is an extension of your home adds not only space, but value to your home.
Landscaping blocks
There are many options available to enhance to look of your outdoor space. From fire pits, to stoves, to patios, the options are endless. These can be tricky to install in order to avoid heaving or shifting of your blocks.
Are you building a deck or a fence?
Chemque carries a great product that sets posts in the ground in 15-20 minutes. Fast 2K is an amazing product that doesn't require a great deal of work. Click here to see just how easy it is to use Fast 2K in a small amount of time!
Keep us in mind for all your outdoor and indoor projects!

Five ways to prolong the life of your deck

Contractor Steve Maxwell busts some myths and shares some tips on how to preserve your deck for up to 25 years longer.
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British Columbia expands energy rebate program

Homeowners in B.C. can now get rebates of up to $6000 to improve the energy efficiency of their homes.
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Do home renovations right the first time

Going over your home insurance policy to ensure it covers worker liability during a home renovation should be top of your pre-reno to-do list, says All State Farm Canada.
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Four tips to improve your cash flow
Cash is the fuel of your business, writes Adam Friedman of mobile payment company, Square. Here's how to get the cash flowing.
Restructure while business is hot
You may be so busy that you're on the job site non-stop. But boom time is the best time to put down the tools and take a look at the big picture, says Mike Draper.
Dow Building Solutions education
Explore new Dow Building Solutions courses on the education portal.

Safe Handling Training for Two-Component Spray Polyurethane Foams.

Course Description: This safe handling training course outlines the safe handling and storage of two-component polyurethane foams such as FROTH-PAK™ products from Dow

Safe Handling Training for One-Component Spray Polyurethane Foams

Course Description: This safe handling training course outlines the safe handling and storage of one-component polyurethane foams such as GREAT STUFF PRO™ products from Dow.

Cathelle -- USB CHARGER WALL TAP One of Cathelle's newest products, the USB CHARGER WALL TAP, has a number of excellent features:
  • Converts wall outlet into a convenient power station
  • Features three surge protected outlets 300 Joules
  • Surge indicator light monitors the status of the surge protection
  • Charge up to two USB powered devices simultaneously
  • Total USB charging capacity: 2.1A
  • 3 grounded outlets free for additional power

Moen M•PACT®

graphic Easily Change Your Style. The Moen M•PACT® common valve system lets you upgrade the style of your faucet or shower as easily as changing a light bulb, saving you time, money and effort. Using just two simple tools, an Allen wrench and a screwdriver, you can enhance your bathroom style in minutes. Check out Moen for more information.
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